Migrations and diasporas have shaped human political, economic and cultural interaction among diverse peoples across the globe for millennia. Migratory flows, whether forced or voluntary, shape the way individuals “imagine” and construct their communities.

This thematic track equips students with the knowledge and tools to understand and analyze the multiple influences of migration and diaspora at a global, national and local scales. In addition to theories of migration and issues of rights, students will examine specific case studies that highlight topics such as justice, belonging, and the migrant experience.

GMDS offers students powerful insights into diasporas, exiles, refugees and other types of migrations and the international laws and global forces that shape them. The program’s interdisciplinary and comparative perspectives will allow students to understand and participate in the rich debates around the world.

Track Director

Sarah Stroup

Director, KWD Collaborative in Conflict Transformation, Professor of Political Science

Adirondack 102
Office Hours:
Monday 2:00 - 4:00 in Marbleworks 203 (152 Maple Street). Sign up at go/stroupOH


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