East Asian Studies consists of the interdisciplinary study of the civilizations of East Asia, that is, China and Japan as well as Korea and Vietnam. On the one hand, as a cohesive region, East Asia evinces considerable cultural continuity. On the other hand, the various modern nation-states that comprise East Asia differ in language, literature, art, history, philosophy, religion, politics, economics, and social institutions.

As an East Asian Studies major, you will be exposed intensively to the traditions of your country of focus as well as to its contemporary challenges confronted within a regional and global context. You will find your in-depth preparatory training in the principal language and social mores of a selected East Asian national culture complemented by unique perspectives acquired through immersion while studying abroad. 

Our majors attend Middlebury C.V. Starr Schools Abroad, hosted by local universities, in the following locations:

Many majors also attend the college’s summer schools in Chinese, Japanese, and/or Korean.

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Elizabeth Morrison

Professor of Religion

Munroe Hall 210
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Spring Term: Tuesdays 10-11:30am (schedule with www.calendly.com/emorriso), Fridays 1:30-3pm (drop-in), and by appointment.


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