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European Studies Recent Student Theses

2020, Claiborne Beary, "Navigating Identity, Space, and Language in Post-Colonial France: Abdellah Taia's Exploration"

2018, Sarah Corsico, "Starting from Zero in Paris: How NGOs and social initiative projects have been assisting refugees and asylum seekers in France, 2015 to the present"

2018, Meredith Tulloch, "A Delicate Balance: Médecins Sans Frontières’ Impartial Aid and Témoignage in the European Migration Crisis"

2017, Rachel Iacono, "Die Entwicklung der Willkommenskultur: Germany’s Changing Relationship with Refugees and Asylum-Seekers from the 1990s to the Present Day"

2017, Lydia HyunYoung Kim, Big Questions for Small Things: Transatlantic Divergence of Nanotechnology Governance"

2017, Conor Maxwell, "Competing Visions of Europe in European Integration Referenda"

2015, Zachary Brando Strauss, “The Past and Present of Convivencia: How Spain Appropriated and Transformed its Medieval History”

2015, Madeleine Despins, “The Culture of Needing More: The American Adaptations of Foreign Television”

2010, Dan Langfitt, “Perceptions of Political Legitimacy in the Franco-Russian Encounter of 1814”

2007, Arielle Weisman, “Salvando la cultura vasca: La restauracion del euskera en la epoca posfranquista de España”

2007, Patricia Mon-San Lee, “Pornography and the Sexual Revolution: A Comparative Study Between West Germany and the United States”

2007, Emily SJE Kilbom, “The Politics of Language in Europe”

2006, Ian Fleishman, “La Modernite (A)mnesique; Une Lecture des Fleurs du mal A la Lumiere de Walter Benjamin” 

2006, Victoria Watts, “Socially Dependent Language Variation in Bilingual Children”

2006, Francesca Aguiar Filippelli, “Calabrian Regionalism after the Italian Risorgimento: An Analysis of Cultural Identity”