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Latin American Studies Recent Student Theses

2020, Jack Goldfield, "Criando a Base: O Envolvimento dos Estados Unidos no Golpe Militar Brasileiro de 1964"

2019, Marcelo Lopez, "Exceptional Human Rights and Haitian Migratory Patterns in Santiago de Chile"

2018, Natalie Figueroa Morales, "Agents of the Times: The Role of Intercultural Bilingual Education and the Post-Peace Accords Generation in the Maya Movement"

2018, Margaret (Meg) Sayre, "El Femicidio: Las Causas Subyacentes y el Caso Especial de Argentina"

2015.5, Emily Rose Selch, “'No nos apoyan:'Evaluating and responding to the unevenness of development in Peru"

2015, Hannah Reeve, "Soccer of the Secluded: Race, Triumph, and Tragedy in the 1950 FIFA World Cup in Brazil"

2015, Cassidy Coash, "Argentina’s Dólar Blue: Evasion of Controls Through a Black Market for US Dollars"

2014, Hudson Cavenaugh, "El ejercito cubano de batas blancas: The Political, Economic and Diplomatic Impact of Cuban Human Capital Exportation"

2009, Elizabeth Herron-Sweet, "The Right to Memory and Truth: Brazil’s Transitional Justice Policy and its Consequences, 1979-2009"

2009, Jessica Clayton, "The Development Impact of Remittances in Latin America: A Comparative Analysis of Panel Data and Household Surveys"

2008, Joel Simpson, "Toquí Caupolican: un analysis historigráfico-literario del guerrero mapuche en el Centro general de Pablo Neruda"

2006, Mary Menbdoza, "If We Build It, They Won’t Come: The Physical Manifestation of the US-Mexico Border"