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International Politics and Economics Annual Symposium

Each year, the program in International Politics and Economics hosts a symposium that brings experts to speak on a unified topic of substantive interest to IP&E majors, faculty, the broader college and the public. Instituted in 2012, the event has covered such varied topics as China’s rise on the world stage, various responses to global economic crisis and even environmental policy’s relationship to inequality. The program invites experts from a range of disciplines including economics, political science, business, sociology, geography and many others. These experts come from a variety of institutions, both liberal arts colleges and universities, but the symposium also includes scholars at think tanks, in government positions and at non-governmental organizations who specialize in issues related to the topic. The goal of each symposium is to consider the political and economic dimensions of a pressing issue from varying perspectives represented by the speakers.


The symposium takes place in late fall and offers a Friday afternoon dedicated to discussion of the topic selected that year. Students moderate each talk and the audience engages the speakers with questions in the presentations. The program in International Politics and Economics welcomes topic suggestions. For more information, topic suggestions and feedback, please contact the International Politics and Economics Program Director.


Use the links provided on this page to check out the 2021 Symposium and past programs.