Our goal is to make our department and each one of our classes a place where we can create and sustain a community in which all feel welcome and have a sense of belonging; where differences are honored and where each one of us can respectfully engage with and learn from each other. We are imperfect beings and we recognize that we may not always achieve our goals: please know that we are open to talking with anyone of you at any time, to hear your suggestions, ideas, criticism, and praise. We look forward to welcoming you in our community and to sharing our knowledge, enthusiasm, and passion.

Our courses cover a wide range of topics, from food to family, from cinema to identity, and in all of them, we try to include a diversity of contributors. We aim to present Italy as it is today, listening to new and previously underrepresented groups through their writings and their own voices. Our extracurricular activities, organized by or in collaboration with the Casa Italiana and the Circolo Italiano, are also the place where we want to introduce you to both traditional and innovative cultural Italian experiences. Our guest speakers come from diverse backgrounds, as much as possible, and will share their experiences and knowledge with you in Italian and in English. 

Our programs offer students the opportunity to achieve high competence in written and spoken Italian, in understanding Italian literature and culture, and in applying this knowledge to the study of other disciplines.

The other integral components of Italian at Middlebury are the Italian School (summer on the Middlebury College campus), and the C. V. Starr-Middlebury College School in Italy—junior year or semester—where students can take courses in our magnificent Sede in Florence (in the Renaissance Palazzo Giugni), as well as at the University of Florence, or can direct-enroll in our new programs at the University of Ferrara or the University of Rome (for students who prefer immersion into the Italian university system). These rich programs encourage students to deepen and broaden their study of Italian literature, cinema, history, art history, political science, and other selected disciplines.

Department of Italian

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