A component to building a successful program in mathematics is creating a strong community beyond the classroom.  Please consider participating in some of the following ways.

Math Club:
Student run with faculty support, the math club plans to have weekly, evening meetings focused on things that are fun like problem solving sessions, playing games, watching movies, and so on. Additionally, the club will suggest guest speakers and potentially workshops organized by the Math Department.  All students are encouraged to check out the math club on Presence or email mathclub@middlebury.edu.

Weekly Seminars:
Multiple times each semester we offer a seminar lecture, sometimes given by a visiting speaker and other times by a member of Middlebury’s faculty.   Typically accessible to students at the introductory level, these lectures expose students to the breadth of mathematical inquiry beyond the standard course offerings.

Student Activities Committee:
This committee’s central purpose is to assist the department in the hiring and review of faculty.  It is also the main source of student input on curricular questions regarding scheduling and offering of electives.  Beyond these important tasks, the SAC assists with seminars, social activities, and Math Circus presentations.  Versions of this committee in past years have coordinated the effort to create a department T-shirt and on one occasion planned a “Math Prom.”

Putnam Exam: 
This is a national mathematics contest given annually on a Saturday at the beginning of December. Middlebury enters a team, but as many individuals may enter as are interested. Come see how you fare against the best math students in the country (and receive a free lunch courtesy of the department.)

This is a much needed service and a way to earn some money during the year. Also, grading for first and second year courses is a great way to solidify your understanding of this material.  Click here to access the application to be a math grader. Generally a message is sent to all math majors/minors before the end of each semester to recruit graders for the next academic semester.

As with grading, tutoring is a terrific way to improve your own understanding and experience the pleasure and challenge of being a teacher.  If you are interested in working for CTLR as a STEM Peer Tutor, please contact Shannon Bohler (sbohler@middlebury.edu), the Coordinator of CTLR. 

Ice Cream Socials/Picnics/Lunches:
Multiple times during each semester we look for ways to better get to know each other outside the classroom. Keep an eye on the announcement board inside the front door of Warner for upcoming events.

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