Honors and Awards

Don Ballou

For more than 60 years, Don Ballou had been very much involved in the development of the mathematics department of Middlebury College. His contribution to us was immense; he broadened the width and depth of the scope of the Mathematics Department, encouraged many students to pursue their passion in mathematics, and left us with many valuable books and thoughts that will surely last.

Dr. Francis D. Parker '39, Mathematics Prize

The Dr. Francis D. Parker, '39, Mathematics Prize is awarded each year to the graduating student with the best senior work in the mathematics department. The prize was established in 1993 with a gift from Professor Parker.

Perkins Award

The Perkins Award is given annually to a member of the Middlebury College Natural Sciences division, alternating each year between mathematics and other departments in the sciences, and honors outstanding performance as a teacher.

Department of Mathematics

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