Math Placement Information

Identify the best match for the highest math course you completed in the left-hand column. Then move right to the column that reflects your grade. 

Calculus and Linear Algebra Placement Chart

MATH0121 is Calculus 1, MATH0122 is Calculus 2, and MATH0200 is Linear Algebra (right-click on the above image to enlarge it).   

NOTE: MATH0121 Requires Preapproval 

Fill out THIS GOOGLE FORM to initiate the preapproval process for MATH0121 Calculus 1.  You must be logged into your Middlebury G-suite account (not a personal google account). The department coordinator will notify students who complete the form of their preapproval status.

Placement questions or concerns?

Classes vary and everyone’s math experience is unique.  If you have placed into MATH0122 but still think MATH0121 is the right course for you -or if you have other questions- please contact the department chair. 

Intro Stats and Data Science Courses

Calculus/Linear Algebra Sequence

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Placement different from Credit?
    Yes it is! Read more.
  2. Can my Calculus placement satisfy prerequisites for Economics or other STEM courses?
    It may!  Read more.
  3. Do I need preapproval to take MATH0122 or MATH0200?
    No.  Students do not need preapproval for MATH0122 or MATH0200.
  4. Can I retake a course if I have placed out of it?
    No. Read more.
  5. Should I take statistics, data science, or calculus?
    It depends!  Read more.

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