Students and faculty in the Mathematics Department collaborate on research and pedagogy in numerous ways.  The 700 level senior seminar is a capstone experience for every mathematics major that involves working closely with a faculty member.  In addition to this required component of the major, many students engage in research with faculty as an independent study project (Math 500) or working in the summer.  Students have the opportunity to give presentations on their work in our weekly seminars or at regional conferences such as the annual Hudson River Undergraduate Math Conference.

Alex Lyford, along with research assistants Thomas Rahr ('20) and Tina Chen ('18) recently published an article entitled Using Camels to Teach Probability and Expected Value in the journal Teaching Statistics. 

How Did You Spend The Summer? Let Me Count The Ways.

Jonathan Perlman ’19 and Kevin Collins ’20 are two math majors spending their summer at Middlebury as research assistants under Professor John Schmitt with funding from the Undergraduate Research Office.

During the summer of 2019 Prof. Schmitt worked with Tommaso Monaco (‘20) on a problem arising in combinatorial design theory.  A conjecture due to Marco Buratti (U. Perugia, Italy) states that for the cyclic group of order p and any multi-set of p-1 elements coming from the first (p-1)/2 elements of the group, there exists a Hamiltonian path in the complete graph on the cyclic group of order p where the edge lengths of the path are the elements of the given multi-set.  Learn more about their work here.

In the summer of 2019 Chris Hauptfeld (‘21) joined an long-term project in graph theory.  This summer Bryan Currie (‘22) and Seamus Turco (‘21) continue that project.  The aim is to revise and update a survey paper on saturated graphs of minimum size coauthored by Professor Schmitt, his most cited paper.

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