Learning Goals for the Major

Students who successfully complete a major in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry will be able to:
  • Explain basic biochemical and molecular biological concepts and principles
  • Appreciate the different levels of biological organization, from molecules to organisms
  • Understand that Molecular Biology has a chemical, physical, informational and mathematical basis
  • Explain the importance of the scientific method to understanding natural phenomena
  • Effectively communicate scientific data and ideas to a liberal arts audience both orally and in writing.
  • Critically evaluate experimental data and primary papers, develop a hypothesis, and design experiments to address an interesting and novel problem
  • Collaborate with other researchers
  • Demonstrate advanced knowledge in a specialized field of biochemistry and molecular biology
  • Demonstrate an awareness of ethical issues in the molecular life sciences
  • Demonstrate the ability to think in an integrated manner and look at problems from different perspectives.

Program in Molecular Biology & Biochemistry

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