News from Jeremy Ward:

"Midd grad Sky Feuer (MBBC 09.5) is co-first author on a new paper soon to be published in the journal Genetics.  And Midd grads Laurie Griffin (MBBC 2007.5) and Clair Bovet (MBBC 2012) were both very important contributors to the work.  We collaborated with investigators at The Jackson Laboratory and Cornell University. Nancy Graham and I are of course Middlebury College employees."
The work was funded by the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health.  Here is the link to the journal (  The paper will be published in June of 2013. Author list:  Kerry J. Schimenti†*, Sky K. Feuer§*1, Laurie B. Griffin§2, Nancy R. Graham§, Claire A. Bovet§3, Suzanne Hartford†4, Janice Pendola‡, Carl Lessard‡5, John C. Schimenti†, and Jeremy O. Ward§

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