Student Advisory Council

Student Advisory Council Members:

Juliet Milani (2021)
Hey, everyone! I’m Juliet Milani (‘21) from Philadelphia, PA. I’m an MBBC major with a minor in Psychology. I have an interest in genetic research and plan on pursuing a degree in genetic counseling after graduation. I enjoy singing and playing guitar; I’m a member of the Middlebury Mischords, a cappella group, and I’m also interested in fitness and nutrition. Super excited to be serving on the student advisory council!
Alec Wilson (2021)
Hey guys, I’m Alec Wilson (‘21) and I am from Belle Mead, New Jersey. I am majoring in MBBC with a minor in Computer Science. In the past I have worked at the Fox Chase Cancer Center but am now in the Spatafora Lab at Middlebury. I am currently modeling a group of proteins we believe are important in the cariogenic processes carried out by the bacteria Streptococcus mutans. After I graduate I will spend 4 years in the US Army as an officer with a commision through UVM’s ROTC program, and one day  hope to attend medical school. Outside of school, I love swimming, listening to music, and all things House, M.D. I am really excited to be a member of the MBBC SAC and look forward to getting to know more of you!
Selin Everett (2021.5)
Hi, guys! I’m Selin Everett (‘21.5), and I’m from Washington, D.C. I’m pre-med and interested in a career investigating human genetics. When I’m not in Bihall, I’m either on the field hockey field with my teammates or sitting in Ross for hours catching up with friends and eating countless bowls of soft serve! Looking forward to getting to know you all better in the coming weeks and months.
Marco Kaper (2021.5)
Hi, guys! I’m Marco Kaper (‘21.5) and from Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA. I’m super excited to serve as an MBBC-SAC representative! I am pre-med, and I’m passionate about helping people with our most intrinsic self (our body)! When I’m not working or studying, you could find me out playing soccer with my friends and teammates, reading a good book, or playing Catan with friends! I’m stoked to get to know you better over J-Term and the coming months!
Sugeidy Ferreira (2022)
Hey! I’m Sugeidy Ferreira (‘22), and I’m from New York City. I’m an MBBC major with minors in Spanish and Chinese. I plan on becoming a pediatric surgeon, while also getting my PhD because I am also into research, specifically about epigenetics and cancer research. I love sports, cooking, dancing, and listening to music. At Middlebury, I manage the softball team, and I am a part of SAOC and the PALANA social house. I am super pumped to start working with future MBBC majors!
Priya Kaur (2022)
Hi, I’m Priya Kaur (‘22), and I’m from Parsippany, New Jersey. I am majoring in MBBC and look forward to serving on the MBBC-SAC. I am interested in obtaining an MD/PhD in cancer biology and immunology. I love doing research and currently investigate Multiple Myeloma progression outside of Middlebury at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. I am also a big proponent of increasing diversity and inclusivity in STEM through my role as the SGA Director of Academic Affairs and my club, Future Researchers! You can probably spot me enjoying my chocolate milkshake from Crossroads or getting a chicken tender dinner at the Grille. Outside of academics, I love excessively watching Netflix or doing some sunset yoga. I hope to hear from all of you soon! Drop by our office hours to chat!
Ben Morris (2022)
Hello! I’m Ben Morris (‘22) from Watertown, MA. I am an MBBC major minoring in computer science. I am very passionate about scientific research and plan to pursue a graduate degree in biology (or a related field) after graduating from Middlebury. Outside of class, I am often found playing ultimate frisbee and/or disc golf, cooking, hiking, or playing board games with friends (which now mostly happens over zoom).
Karina Sharma (2022)
Hey! I’m Karina Sharma (‘22) and I am from Toronto, Canada. I am majoring in MBBC. After Midd I plan on becoming a pediatrician or an OB/GYN. I really enjoy research and am in Professor Combelles’ lab at Middlebury. Outside of class I am the Events Coordinator for the Pre-Health Society and I am a Social Exec in MCAB. In my free time, I love watching Netflix, running, cooking and doing puzzles. I am so excited to be on the MBBC SAC and I can’t wait to work with you all this year!
Miriam Weathers (2022)
Hi everyone! I’m Miriam Weathers (‘22), from Morrisville, NC. I’m super excited to serve as an MBBC-SAC member this year. I am, of course, majoring in MBBC and minoring in Chinese language. I am also pre-med, with hopes of a career in trauma surgery, immunology, or interventional radiology. As for hobbies, I love long-distance running/exercise, playing piano, singing, and baking. Hope to meet you all soon!

The goals of the Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Student Advisory Council (SAC) are:

  • Advise and provide recommendations to the MBBC Program Director and Faculty about faculty appointments, the curriculum, and the program.

  • Advise the MBBC Program Director and Faculty regarding external reviews of the Department.

  • Give MBBC majors a voice in their program regarding any student concerns that may arise.

  • Serve as a resource for current and prospective majors.

  • Help make the program an inclusive, strong, and supportive community.

See the handbook language for a more detailed description.

Interested in contacting the MBBC-SAC? Current members can be reached at

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