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Turning in your Neuroscience Thesis

Revised instructions for 2020-21:

DUE by 5pm (Eastern Time) on the last day of exams (Spring 2021:  tentatively May 28;  Winter Term, tentatively the last day of classes. )

  1. Email Joanna a PDF of your final thesis.  It should be formatted so that it’s ready to print double sided. Include any color pages,  and for any page that should be printed single-sided, be sure to insert a blank page to maintain the double-sided printing.
  2. Title page:   See the website for an example of a title page.
  3. Signatures:  Please obtain electronic signatures of your committee members on the title page..  
  4. In addition to the PDF, also send the following information to Joanna (
  • Your final thesis title.
  • Abbreviated title if it’s over 60 characters including spaces & punctuation – this is for the spine of the clothbound copy only.
  • Your home mailing address to send your personal bound copy  (some time in the summer)

In May (after spring thesis presentations) your thesis will be sent to a Bindery in Indiana for cloth binding and we’ll mail the bound thesis to you sometime this summer!

If you have any questions - don't hesitate to ask Joanna or your thesis adviser!

Format Review:  (Check with your adviser for any format preferences. Below are general guidelines.)

  • Use the general format appropriate for the discipline of your thesis advisor (e.g., APA format if your advisor is in the Psychology Department).
  • Margins:  Generally one-inch margins are fine for all copies, including the cloth-bound copy (for clothbound copies, the Bindery trims 1/8” on all sides).
  • Set the line spacing to be 1.5 for all sections except the Bibliography, which can be single-spaced.
  • Print the copies of your final thesis double-sided (see exceptions below).
  • Start all new sections on a new page:  Abstract, Intro, Methods and Materials, Results, Discussion, Bibliography, Appendices. These are still double-sided, but each section should start on the right hand page.
  • Charts, graphs, and photos should be single-sided (This is not necessary if they are embedded within text.)  
  • Your personal copy can be single-sided if you prefer

Post-Covid Instructions: 

Turning in your thesis: 
 Once your final thesis revisions have been approved by your committee, print final copies of your thesis for the Program and for your committee members. 

By NOON on the last day of exams, you need to have completed the following:

  • Print copies* of your final thesis, including title page (see example under Forms)
  • Obtain signatures of your committee members on the title pages of your thesis.
  • Turn in at least three (3) copies (four if your adviser is in the Psychology Department), secured with binder clips, to Joanna Shipley (MBH 375)

EMAIL the following information via email to Joanna (

  1. An electronic copy of your final thesis (in a single pdf document) to both your thesis chair and  Joanna.
  2. Your final thesis title
  3. If your title is over 60 characters including spaces, send an abbreviated title that is no more than 60 characters long (including punctuation and spaces). This is for the spine of the clothbound copy only.
  4. Your home mailing address to send your personal bound copy (allow 6-8 weeks).

*How many copies do you need to print?   

- One for the Neuroscience Program (to be clothbound for the display cabinet)
- One for your Thesis Adviser, but first find out if your adviser would like a paper copy in addition to the PDF version.  
- One personal copy for you -- clothbound at no charge. 
- One for the Psychology Department if your Thesis Advisor is in the Psych Department..

Plus any additional copies:
- Do your committee members want paper copies, or a PDF version?
- Do you want any additional personal copies clothbound?  If so, the cost is $20 each (to cover our cost).  Additional shipping costs may apply.

Theses to be clothbound are sent to a bindery in Boston.  It takes 1-2 months to get them back, at which time we’ll mail the bound thesis to you!

last updated 5/15/2020

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