The Classics Department is fortunate to be able to recognize the achievements of our students with several endowed prizes that are awarded at the end of each school year.

George H. Catlin Classical Prize

Established in 1918 by George H. Catlin, LL.D. ‘20. Awarded to the student in the senior class whose college work in Greek and Latin is judged worthiest of distinction.

2022 Aiden Mattingly
2021 Hannah Cecilia Resnick
2020 Lucy Grinnan and Magnus Cleveland
2018 Shanyue Zhong
2017 Leo Trotz-Liboff
2016 John Loebs and Michael Brian Russo

Eaton Prize

Established in 1945 by a gift form the estate of Mary M. W. Eaton. Awarded to the student who, in the opinion of the president and the faculty, has maintained the highest standing in the classics.

2022 Grace Hamilton Hering
2021 Mary Catherine Carroll & Elise Hyoin Park
2020 Angus Warren
2019 Jacob W Radel
2018 Jason Hapworth Meuse
2017 Leo Trotz-Liboff

Kellogg Latin English Prize

Established in 1918 by Brainderd Kellogg, professor of rhetoric and English literature, 1861-1868, and trustee, 1885-1920. Two prizes, awarded for the best paper on a classical poet, and for a translation examination in Latin.

  Essay Translation
2022 Xiaoyuan (Caroline) Jiao Robert Dueckershoff
2021 Sahil Gogtay Hannah Cecilia Resnick
2020 Julia Richards Hannah Cecilia Resnick
2019 Jacob W Radel Hannah Cecilia Resnick
2018 Angus Warren Timothy Vincent McGovern
2017 Melanie Ann English Leo Trotz-Liboff