We encourage our students to study abroad, especially in a foreign language. Students planning to spend all or part of the junior year abroad should consult with their advisor before the second semester of the sophomore year.

A grade point average of 3.0 in the major and 2.7 overall is required for study abroad. Please note that at least seven Fall and Spring term courses must be taken at Middlebury College, including a senior seminar.

Students must submit their application to study abroad by visiting the Study Abroad Office. As part of their application, students must submit an essay that should address the following academic questions:

  1. Rationale: Why do you want to study abroad? How is this related to your academic program?
  2. Preparation: What course work have you taken to prepare you for study abroad? Recommended courses for study abroad include PSCI 0103 Comparative Politics, PSCI 0109 International Politics, and a course that includes significant content on the region where you will study abroad.
  3. Program Selection: Where will you study abroad? Why this university or program? What courses will you take? Why?
  4. Planning Ahead: How will you complete your major after returning to Middlebury?

Many students study at universities and programs around the world. In making your decision about where to study abroad, you should note that Middlebury runs a wide array of study abroad programs as well as the Middlebury C.V. Starr Schools Abroad. You should also consult with your advisor.