The CARE Management Form is a way to share information about students who might be in need of additional support.

Using the Care Management Form

If you have concerns about a student’s well-being or behavior, let your CARE Management Team know by submitting the form below. This ensures that your concern is addressed promptly and that the most appropriate person will follow up with the student.

See examples of behaviors worth reporting.

After you submit the form, you may still want to reach out directly to a student’s Class Dean. We just ask that you convey all important information in the online form and use email as a follow-up to a reported concern.

For time-sensitive concerns, contact Public Safety, who can connect with professional on-call support, or dial 911.


About the Care Management Form

Please note that information you report in the form does not go to students unless you specifically select “course warning.” This is an important distinction to make when contrasting CARE Management reports with the course warning template. In some instances, it may be appropriate to use both, or to use each of these at different points in the semester.

Submitting concerns this way also allows us to see when multiple campus partners have concerns about the same student—something that can be difficult to see when single communications are being directed to different offices.