Using the Care Management Form

The CARE Management Form is the best way to submit requests for the following: 


Sharing Concerns

The CARE Management Form is also a way to communicate concern about members of our community.

Being a good friend and caring member of a community means reaching out when someone close to you is struggling. But it does not mean that you need to shoulder your concern alone and be the only source of support. Let us know if a member of our community is struggling, or if you have any reason to be concerned, so that we can help them navigate a healthy path forward.  

See examples of behaviors worth reporting.

Students at Middlebury College have access to a number of on- and off-campus supports, and there is a team of caring professionals whose job it is to connect students with these resources. The way to make sure this happens is to submit your concern in a form.

When you submit a form, you are showing that you care enough about someone to make sure that they have access to the supports that will allow them to be a successful student here at Middlebury.

By making sure that all students are aware of and have access to the supports and resources they are entitled to, especially when they may be struggling, we are able to reduce barriers to educational access and attainment and create a more equitable and socially just community.