Fall term recesses are in October, November, and December. Students can remain on campus during October and November recesses, although dining halls may close for some portion of November (Thanksgiving) recess.

The College closes completely during December recess into early January and students cannot remain on campus during this period. Students with special circumstances may request permission and, if granted, the students are responsible for their own meals.

During February and March recesses, students can stay on campus and eat in the dining halls. Only students who register for winter term classes or internships taking place on campus may live on campus during winter term; touchpad room access codes and ID card access are disabled for all students who are not registered for a winter term class on campus when they depart at the end of the fall term. See the academic calendar for dates.

Break Shuttles

Booking starts in July! For College breaks, the SGA provides inexpensive and convenient Premier Coach Service to and from the following:

  • Burlington International Airport
  • Burlington Greyhound Station (daily bus service to Montreal and Boston)
  • Boston (stopping in Hooksett, N.H., and South Station)
  • New York City (Penn Station, Grand Central Station, and White Plains Metro North Station)
  • New Jersey (Ridgewood Park and Ride)
  • Montreal (currently fall break only, but check for updates)

Premier Coach buses have Wi-Fi and depart from campus at Adirondack Circle. Purchase tickets through the Box Office.

Travel Plans

We often receive requests from students to change their final examination schedules because they have purchased nonrefundable plane tickets that require them to leave campus before their exams are finished. Academic obligations must come first and we do not issue examination changes in order to accommodate travel plans. We encourage students to book their return flights only after they know their examination schedules. Students who must book flights in advance should make arrangements to fly after the last examination of the semester is given. This information is available two years in advance on our academic calendar.

Departing from Campus

At the end of the fall and spring terms, students must vacate their rooms within 24 hours after their last exam. Failure to do so will result in a $400-per-day fine.