The Community Council serves as a forum in which all segments of the College community have a voice on nonacademic issues on campus.

A Forum for the Open and Frank Exchange of Ideas 

With a membership that includes students, faculty, and staff, its deliberations and recommendations consider the interests and concerns of the whole community. Community Council has the latitude to make recommendations to specific offices or members of the administration, yet the value of this body lies also in the diversity of its make-up and the regularity of its meeting schedule.   

Community Council regularly receives matters for consideration from the President and from members of the College’s Senior Leadership Group. In this consultative capacity, the Council will offer direct feedback to the President and SLG, and will frequently reach out to others for input before forwarding the opinion(s) of the Council. 

Get Involved

All members of the College community are invited and encouraged to attend and to gather feedback, brainstorm solutions to a problem, and present their own concerns, questions, or recommendations. If you cannot attend a meeting, contact to send in a statement to be read and/or receive a copy of the minutes.

Community Council actively strives to be a council in which people of all races, ethnicities, socioeconomic class locations, gender identities, sexual orientations, body types, religions, dis/abilities, nationalities, ages, and languages are not only included, but flourish.