Superblocks are one-year opportunities for groups of students to live together to support a common interest. The residential spaces offered for Superblock purposes may vary from year to year.

Spaces are awarded based on the strength of the applications balanced against the overall housing needs of the College. In past years, Superblocks have been awarded at 48 South Street, Palmer, Porter House, Homestead, and Meeker.  

The Superblock program is intended to empower groups of Junior and Senior students with a shared goal, pastime or interest (e.g. dance, theater, outdoor activities, cooking), to live together, support each other’s growth and skills in that area of interest, and in turn enrich and broaden the College community through programming. Sophomore students are not eligible to live in Superblock locations until the Spring Term and must have pre-approval from their Commons Dean.

Funding for activities is provided through the Office of the Dean of Students.

Since the introduction of the first two Superblocks in the fall of 2008, the program has expanded and, entering its twelfth year, will continue to offer the community a variety of innovative programming. For questions about a current group’s programming or if there is space on the residential roster see the current list of blocks below.


Superblocks will be awarded in advance of a number of other Room Draw processes; please view the Housing Calendar to see the schedule. Interested groups are required to complete an application using the above link. Groups must prove there is enough interest in the mission to fill all beds at the location(s) in which they have an interest, for all terms. Additionally, each group will need to make a presentation to the selection committee, offering additional information and answering questions about their proposal. Submissions and presentations will be evaluated by a committee of staff and students.

Groups are awarded Superblock status for one academic year. The Superblock is expected to utilize the residential facilities to offer programming and social activities on a regular basis for the members of the block as well as the general student body. Superblocks work closely with the Housing office and Residential Life and groups are expected to provide regular updates about planned programs and events. 

Funding for activities is provided through the Office of the Dean of Students. A Superblock’s programming should be within the scope of its residential capacity and approved budget. SuperBlocks are not intended to offer campus-wide programs. Groups which do not fulfill their programming obligations may be rehoused.

Superblocks are expected to be positive additions to the Middlebury College community. Actions on the part of groups in terms of violations of policy, disrespect of property or individuals, excessive messiness, or failing to complete the mission of the Superblock may result in a loss of Superblock status for the group and possible rehousing for the residents.

All students who are awarded and accept a Superblock will be ineligible to participate in subsequent Fall Term housing processes and cannot have already obligated themselves to another housing unit. Please note that any students waiting for study abroad approval, or Residence Life candidates should not be included on a roster; another student must obligate themselves to fill the bed and should the first student decide not to be off campus a request may be submitted to replace the original member. The success of such a switch will be dependent on the timing in relation to other Fall Term Hosing processes. Students are expected to honor commitments and should carefully consider their options before joining a block. Should a member receive approval to withdraw from a block after an offer has been accepted they will be housed by the Residential Systems Coordinator during the Summer Draw process and may be asked to work with the Superblock group to identify someone to fill their space in the block.

Members of a Superblock are expected to fill any beds which open up during the academic year by students who leave the block. If the members are unable to do so the Office of Residential Life will fill the space(s) which may include reassigning beds, or re-house the remaining residents. All beds must be filled for all terms.

Presentation Guidelines

  • Presentations should be no more than 20 minutes.
  • Not all members of the block need to be present.
  • Multimedia equipment will be available (Powerpoint, etc).
  • Candidates should discuss the following topics:
  • The common interest/theme of the group and the mission of the Superblock
  • Specific programming/community building ideas and how it will benefit Middlebury as a whole
  • Ideal housing location(s) and why that/those space(s) would be necessary for the group to succeed
  • The plans and ideas to fill all beds for each term, as well as, if a member subsequently departs campus
  • Resources/equipment needed to support the Superblock
  • A brief question and answer period will follow.

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2020-21 Application Information

Applications for Superblocks are accepted for groups of students in spaces throughout the campus. For larger houses, multiple themes for a single property may be submitted. All submitted applications will be reviewed on the strength the program and the availability of appropriate housing locations. Please note that this is a competitive process and not all submissions will be awarded housing.

Likely spaces include but are not limited to the following houses. 

  • 97 Adirondack View (8 beds) 4 singles, 2 doubles, 2 bathrooms, living room, full kitchen, house storage
  • 48 South Street (19 beds) 7 singles, 6 doubles, 5 bathrooms, living room, dining room, full kitchen, parking
  • Homestead House (15 beds) 15 singles,  3 bathrooms, lounge/dining area, full kitchen, parking

Application Calendar

Application Available February 21–February 28, 2020
Application Deadline February 28, 2020
Presentations March 3–6, 2020
Offers Extended March 6, 2020
Preliminary Rosters Due March 6, 2020
Response Deadline March 10, 2020
Commitment Due March 10, 2020
Housing Assignments Due March 20, 2020

Please note: If enough members of the original application group do not accept/commit to an offer by the deadline the offer may be withdrawn.