Students will register at the Brazilian university the semester prior to departure.

Students should use these listings as guides to the types of courses that will be available as a basis for discussion with academic advisors.

In addition to three university courses and an internship (or four university courses), students are required to take the Writing Course during their first term of study in Brazil.


The capital of Brazil’s southern state of Santa Catarina is home to an excellent and comprehensive federal university, the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC). A city of 300,000, it’s located on an island and features breathtaking scenery as well as a vibrant cultural life around the university. Students are able to take courses in most liberal arts disciplines at UFSC, including sociology, history, political science, literature, philosophy, and geography. Access available courses. This link will take you to different departments (or groupings of departments) where you can find courses that are offered at UFSC. Keep selecting folders until you get to course listings.


In this community of 500,000 people located just across the bay from Rio de Janeiro, students enroll at the Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF). The ease of travel to Rio and the calmer pace of Niterói make this city a great choice for students wishing to immerse themselves in local Brazilian culture while also enjoying proximity to one of the world’s most passionate and festive cities. Courses with local students are available in architecture, biology, social sciences, law, physics, geography, history, language and literature, math, psychology, environmental science, and chemistry.
Access available courses by following these steps:

  • Select a major (Antropologia, for example)
  • Select Quadro de horário e emendas
  • Select Buscar to see what is currently being offered this semester (next semester’s courses will only be offered a few weeks before the start of school)
  • Select Ver emendas to see details about the course

Note: In Portuguese, graduação means undergraduate, curso means major and materia/disciplina means course.

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