In general, only full-year students in their second term abroad have the opportunity to undertake a graded and credit-bearing internship. For exceptions, contact the director.

Credit-bearing internships replace one of the four (undergraduate) or five (graduate) courses required in your second semester and will receive a letter grade.

Students who withdraw from the internship after the drop period will earn an “F” and will be ineligible to enroll in another course.

If you want to take your internship for credit, it must be possible to link its content to the topic of an academic research paper.

Number of work hours
The minimum requirement is 18 hours per week for three months while classes are in session. Hours completed during the break before the start of the second term (up to 40 per week) will count towards the total number of required work-hours. 

Internships arranged by the School in Germany are unpaid and are restricted to a maximum length of three months.

Academic Assignments

  • German research paper on a topic linked to their internship, graded either by a qualified internship supervisor or a specialist in the field hired by the School in Germany (8-page minimum undergraduate level / 12-page minimum graduate level)
  • Weekly journal entries in blog format. 

Organizational Requirements

  • Interns must submit a 1-2 paragraph summary description of the internship for posting on our webpage (in English).
  • Interns must complete an evaluation form at the end of their internship.

Students from institutions other than Middlebury will need preapproval from their home institution in order to receive credit for an internship.