Rowers celebrating after a dragon boat race at NSYSU.

Though academics are highly stressed at Middlebury in Taiwan, the program’s philosophy is based on finding balance between scholastic achievement and cultural immersion.

We foster a vibrant student life by encouraging interaction between students, roommates, faculty, and the community at large. Opportunities include the following:

Long Weekend Trip

Every semester, the program in Taiwan will organize one long weekend trip, taking students and roommates to a destination of interest outside of Kaohsiung. These trips are included in the program cost.

Roommate-Led Activities

At the Middlebury in Taiwan, Taiwanese roommates are not only an integral part of a student’s everyday life, but an integral part of the program as a whole. Roommates lead activities to help introduce elements of the culture, such as cooking and arts and crafts.

Cultural Reimbursements

The Cultural Reimbursement Program is designed to encourage students to get out and explore the city independently or with their Taiwanese roommates. Every student is granted a limited amount of weekly funding to use towards culturally-focused activities.

National Sun Yat-sen University Student Clubs and Campus Life

Students are encouraged to participate in campus life and foster relationships with Taiwanese classmates. Below is a list of active clubs at NSYSU which students are eligible to join:

  • NSYSU Student Chorus
  • NSYSU Host and Etiquette Team
  • NSYSU Student Dance Troupe
  • NSYSU Chinese Orchestra
  • NSYSU Drama Association
  • NSYSU Symphony Orchestra
  • NSYSU Original Music Association
  • NSYSU Painting and Calligraphy Association