The Middlebury School of the Environment is a leader in undergraduate experiential environmental education and study abroad. Since 2015, we have offered six week environmental science, studies and sustainability programming in the US and in China. Our webinar series is designed to explore the topics at the heart of our curriculum: leadership for a sustainable future. Please join us for talks on topics such as international environmental governance and the conservation of biodiversity; skill building workshops in environmental media and storytelling; and conversations with students and international environmental professionals.

Past Webinars

Looking ahead and looking back: celebrating six years of the Middlebury School of the Environment

The Middlebury School of the Environment successfully served students interested in exploring Sustainability and Leadership with a global approach for six years before COVID-19 changed our lives. As a summer study abroad program, we are making adjustments to adapt to the new normal. Please join us to celebrate the great work our students have done in the past, and to learn about exciting new opportunities in the future with insights into a post-pandemic era.
Led by Liou Xie and Curt Gervich, Directors of the Middlebury School of the Environment

An Introduction to Chinese Administrative Structure, with insights from the Three Gorges Dam

By Liou Xie and Curt Gervich, Co-Directors of the Middlebury School of the Environment

This webinar is for college students who are interested in environmental issues in China and want to learn how environment-related governance operates in China.

Adopting a Peculiar Lens: Seeing Place through Birding in Yunnan

Led by Alex Nickley, Program Coordinator at Duke University Asian/Pacific Studies Institute

Alex Nickley likes to think of himself as an ardent naturalist with a background in language and culture. He earned an MA in East Asian Studies from Duke University in 2015. Immediately after graduating from Duke, he spent four years working for Middlebury College and CET Academic Programs out of Yunnan Province in SW China. In addition to facilitating intensive Chinese language programs, Alex also developed several custom programs that focused on nature and culture. He is most proud of his roles developing the Middlebury Global Partnership for Sustainability in Yunnan, helping establish and run the Middlebury School of Environment in China and designing custom Winter BioCamps for the Linden Centre, a social enterprise based in Dali. He now lives in Durham, NC with his wife and son.

Summer 2022 - the Middlebury School of the Environment in California

In 2022, the Middlebury School of the Environment will be hosted on the campus of the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey, California. Join this webinar to learn about this summer’s shift in location and curricular focus.