Educational Affairs Committee (EAC)

The EAC has two primary functions: to oversee the general direction of the College's curriculum and to make recommendations on staffing and the allocation of teaching resources. The EAC consists of five tenured members of the faculty, elected by the faculty. No more than two members of the committee may be from one division, and no more than one from a department.

2021-22 Membership

Grace Spatafora, Chair, Dean of Curriculum; Biology

Will Amidon, Geology (2023)

Elizabeth Morrison, Religion (2023); faculty co-chair Fall 2021

Marybeth Nevins, Anthropology (2024)

Nic Poppe, Luso-Hispanic Studies (2024)

Frank Swenton, Mathematics (2024)

Inquiries for the EAC may be directed to Dean of Curriculum. The entire committee may be contacted via email at Educational Affairs Committee.

Curriculum Changes

The EAC is responsible for the general direction of the undergraduate curriculum. Recommendations for changes to the curriculum are submitted to the EAC for review. The committee discusses the implications of proposed changes. Once those implications are clear and acceptable, the EAC refers these proposals to the full faculty for discussion and vote.

Requesting Staffing Positions

Chairs of departments and programs review histories of their enrollments, enrollment and major data, and the current teaching expectations (see below) when preparing proposals to EAC. In the application, Chairs provide the rationale for the request, accompanied by appropriate documentation. Please review the Recruiting Section of the Chairs Handbook for specific information on what to include. Please review examples of successful proposals before completing your proposal.  In addition, please see historical enrollment data by department/program and majors by department/program

Quick link to EAC staffing form

Deadline for requesting staffing positions for 2023-24 is the January 13, 2022. Please review the following links as you prepare your proposals for positions. 

Learning goals
Envisioning Middlebury (links to Mission and Framework)
EAC Letter to Chairs (2022)

Teaching Expectations

Teaching Expectations were recommended by the Educational Affairs Committee in October 2011 and approved by the administration in December 2011.  Below is a link to the new guidelines.

Teaching Expectations

EAC's Report on Teaching Load Guidelines, Spring 2017 and Responses

Proposed Faculty Teaching Plans are entered using bannerweb

Department Chairs/Program Directors will review and approve individual Faculty Teaching Plans as well as review and approve Departmental Staffing Reports through bannerweb

Course Release Policy

Course release policy, approved as of May 2011

EAC Reports

The EAC reports to the faculty on a monthly basis. The reports, which are included with agendas for Faculty Meetings, can be read in the archives of EAC reports to the faculty. (Content restricted to members of the Middlebury community.)

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