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Resources and Funding

Funding Options

The ANTH department does not have a special budget to support student research. But don’t let that stop you. The major options for you are:

Through the Undergraduate Research Office (go/URO, contact Lisa Gates, Associate Dean for Fellowships and Research

  • Senior Research Project Supplement (SRPS): up to $1600; applications for $350 or less reviewed on a rolling basis; 3 deadlines for amounts greater than $350 (Oct 1, late January, April 15). Applications must be submitted before work occurs.
  • Hoskin Research Fund: provides up to $3000 for in-country work in developing or rapidly changing countries outside of the US; applications due Oct 1, late January, April 15. Applications must be submitted before work occurs. Committee review process.
  • Kellogg Fellowship: provides up to 8 grants ($5000 each) for senior work in the humanities and areas of humanistic inquiry. Applications due in March. Committee review process.
  • Academic travel fund (ATF):  Supports student participation and presentations at academic conferences relevant to their major/minor. Funds up to $350 for participation; $1000 for presentation.
  • Summer research assistant program:  Supports faculty research during the summer. Depends on faculty needs and interests.

Through the Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs (RCGA, contact Charlotte Tate, Associate Director of RCGA,

  • RCGA Summer Research Grant: provides funding for international research during the summer before senior year, for juniors preparing to write senior theses. Provides up to $4500, applications due at the end of March.
  • RCGA Study Abroad Research Grantprovides funding for research either during a study-abroad program or immediately following the program. Typical awards range from $1000 to $2800, applications due at the end of March and in mid-October.

Please note that if you are doing research with human subjects, your project needs to be reviewed by the Institutional Review Board (go/IRB).

Library and Technology

  • Library Liaison– Have a question about research, the library, or technology?  Ask the library Sociology/Anthropology liaison: Ryan Clement, Davis Family Library 211, (802) 443-5493,