Our outstanding faculty, state-of-the-art lab facilities, close proximity to field sites, and small class sizes provide our students hands-on experience across the full range of modern biology disciplines, from the sub-cellular level to the biosphere.

The Department of Biology emphasizes both student participation and the development of critical analytic skills necessary to understand the changing biosphere and emerging technologies.  Our curriculum contains core biology sequence course work, a wide range of elective choices, and the opportunity for independent research.  Students can direct their upper level course work according to their own interests in several areas including (but not limited to) molecular genetics, neurobiology, conservation biology, organismal biology, and developmental biology.  Biology majors are well prepared to engage in a wide variety of post-college careers including: professional and graduate programs, public policy, business, education, outreach, and academics.  

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Biology Department Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Biology is to provide students the opportunity to explore the science of life, in all its complexity and diversity, within the tradition of the liberal arts. We are committed to excellence in our teaching and research programs. We strive to develop each student's ability to acquire and critically interpret knowledge of basic facts and theories of biology, to relate that knowledge to other subject areas in the liberal arts, to add to the body of biological knowledge through research, and to communicate his or her understanding to others both within and outside the field of biology. We take pride in our innovative approaches in the laboratory and our availability to students. In the laboratory and in the field, students work in small groups directly with the faculty. We offer a variety of upper-level courses in each area, and we are well equipped to offer laboratory and field courses throughout the curriculum.

Department of Biology

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