PTP Testimonials at 25

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Here's what alumni are saying about PTP on the occasion of the company's 25th anniversary, in 2011:


“Not only did I begin my professional career with PTP, but I am also lucky enough to participate more than a decade later in a process of theater making that is visceral, smart, challenging, fun, and above all unique in New York City.”

- David Barlow ‘94, actor and playwright, NYC


 “When I was looking at colleges, there was a Middlebury Magazine cover story on PTP, and it sparked my interest in the school.  Little did I know that PTP would become a major part of my artistic life and a springboard for my acting career.

- Tara Giordano ‘02, actor, NYC






“When I was a student at Middlebury, PTP meant that the conversation we were having about the theater was not just theoretical. It meant that for all of our politics, and ideas, and convictions, the goal of making work as professionals was not just possible, it was necessary. In my eleven years running a small theater company in New York, I have had many reasons to be grateful that my mentors at Middlebury knew firsthand the challenge and value of making art. And now that they are back in New York, I get the great privilege of being an audience member, and now I am inspired by them all over again.”

- Carl Forsman ‘93, artistic director, Obie Award-winning Keen Company, NYC


“Since I graduated from Middlebury, I have worked with PTP six times as an Equity actor, watched it grow and flourish as a proud alumnus, and finally, as a faculty member, seen it challenge and reward the many students who participate. If there is one thing that defines those students, I would say it is their ability to articulate why they engage in the art form, as well as their desire to impact, in some way, the culture at large. It is my firm belief that PTP is what makes the Department of Theatre at Middlebury unique.”

- Alex Draper ’88, actor, YELLOWBRICKROAD, John Adams, director, Assistant Professor of Theatre, Middlebury, VT




“Were it not for the inspiring, rigorous education I got at Middlebury, I would not have the career I feel so proud of today. Just as significantly, the community of artist alumni from Middlebury has supported, buoyed, inspired and collaborated with me time after time since I graduated in 1993. For so many of them, their experience as students and professionals working with PTP has been a cornerstone of their artistic development as well. When I found myself in a position to help PTP relocate to New York and establish a home at the Atlantic Theater Company, it was a no-brainer. PTP offers an entirely unique professional immersion in the theatre for Middlebury students, who find themselves surrounded by older generations of top-notch artists who share a sense of purpose, intellectual inquiry and a vigorous work ethic. It’s a great pleasure to me to help give back to Middlebury by playing host to PTP each summer."

- Christian Parker ‘93, Associate Artistic Director, Atlantic Theater Company;  Associate Professor and Head of MFA Dramaturgy, Columbia University School of the Arts


 “It was amazing to be given the chance, right out of school, to work with professional actors.  I grilled them mercilessly- I asked them everything about their lives in the theatre, how they got work, and what I needed to do to keep working.  They were inspirational, and I saw that life as an actor was not only possible, but was a daring and rewarding choice.”

-Anna Belknap ‘94, actor, Det. Lindsay Monroe, CSI: NY, Los Angeles



 Wherever my career goes and whatever heights I haven't even thought about reaching yet, I know that PTP was a large building block and distinct turning point in my journey.  I hope I get to return every so often to remember just how great it is.”

- Cassidy Freeman ’04.5, actor, producer, YELLOWBRICKROAD, series regular Smallville, The Playboy Club, Los Angeles and Chicago



“I can say, without any hesitation, that I would not be a professional actor had it not been for PTP. I was given a chance as a college student to share the stage and collaborate with professional actors and it was then that I learned that acting was not a mystery; it took talent, skill and massive amounts of drive, but it was something I could actually do. PTP changed the course of my life, and for that, I am forever thankful.”

-Alex Cranmer ‘99, actor, NYC






“I have PTP to thank for my first Agents, My Equity Card, My Manager, and the New York theater company Rising Phoenix Rep of which I proudly can say I am a member.”

- MacLeod Andrews ’07.5, actor, member Rising Phoenix Rep, LA and NYC







“So many of my professional "firsts" were with PTP.  First run of shows longer than a weekend, first time working with actors over 23, first time getting equity points (yey), first time being reviewed (yikes), and the PTP After Dark series gave me the first public reading of a play I wrote.”

- Lucas Kavner ’06.5, actor, playwright and musician, NYC





“My memories of PTP revolve around the summers of 1990 and 1991, when the gang was in residence at the Hall of Nations in Georgetown, and rehearsed at Catholic University.  Specifics:  sweltering HEAT…being the first company to produce "The New World Order" in the U.S., and the excitement of that... having to fondle Tim Van Orden's pecs in "Manny and Jake"... having to appear in black briefs opposite the fork-bendingly fetching Phoebe Wood in "The Good and Faithful Servant"... making the connection that landed me my first job in Arts Administration, the field in which I remain to this day... and countless hours of fun, fear, loathing, wonder, and camaraderie that only two summers with PTP can foster.”

- Eric Winick '90, Director of Marketing, Playwrights Horizons, NYC



PTP provided me with my first taste of the profoundly satisfying discipline required to show up daily and put into practice the serious endeavor of playing with intent, to which I now have devoted my life. And this in the company of my friends, professional actors whom I greatly respect, and my beloved teachers and mentors. The atmosphere of safety, rigor and freedom was formative to me as a person and an artist. I am most grateful for the opportunity to experience such a thing. It has stayed with me.

- Ana Reeder ‘93, actor, MFA Tisch School of the Arts, No Country for Old Men, Damages, Manhattan Theatre Club’s Top Girls





“The thing about PTP is that it’s a total immersion. Students are enlisted to aid in every single aspect of the company’s business, and that’s priceless. PTP gives you the skills to truly create your own work, which few, if any other similar programs can claim. Thanks to PTP, Middlebury-affiliated theater artists always have a sort of hearth to gather around, an anchor, a pole star, a place to return to, to draw strength from.  PTP is it.  Here’s to 25 more years.”

- Alec Strum ‘08, actor, playwright, director, and artistic director of Down Payment Productions, NYC



“I remember being amazed at the skill of the equity actors, their dedication to their craft, the lengths they went to get it right.  It was during those first seasons of PTP, as a Middlebury student-actor, that I learned perhaps the most important lesson for a young actor: you have to work really really hard, always.  Thank you PTP!”

- Lynn Hawley ‘88, actor, playwright, Assistant Professor of Theatre, Bard College




"For me, PTP was an intimidating whirlwind of awakenings. It was studying five roles in a Snoo Wilson mathematical menagerie while doing hair and makeup for 8 other actors and actresses and running sound on my "off" days. It was working with and getting to know REAL LIVE ACTORS!  It was being faced with 'the REAL world' while still having a hand to hold. It was walking into the city of theater, with my head raised high, feeling that I was already part of it all."

- Lilli Stein ‘11, actor, playwright and illustrator, NY



“I can honestly say that my experience at PTP and the skills sets that I developed there are the foundation for all of the work that I do today.  It was like Theatrical Boot camp- I assistant directed, acted, designed sound, hung lights, ran boards, house managed, and got to work alongside DC Area Theater Professionals: it trained me in almost every aspect of producing professional theater.”

- Dan Pruksarnukal ‘04, Artistic Associate, and Casting Director, Arena Stage, Washington DC




“PTP was an invaluable experience as a college student and as a young professional actor in DC right after graduating from Middlebury. Working with PTP gave me exposure in the DC theatre scene and led to my being cast with other companies. The experience of working in DC made me want to go to graduate school to further my training, which I did. I’m not sure that I would have chosen the path of being a professional actor (and now professor) had it not been for my experiences with PTP.

And to think I went to Middlebury to play lacrosse!”

- Carrie Baker ‘96, actor, Assistant Professor of Theatre, University of Alaska, Fairbanks




“It wasn't until I was in New York performing at the Atlantic Stage 2 that I really realized what an incredible opportunity this program affords Middlebury College students.  Being placed in a professional equity theatre production, among exceptional actors and designers is absolutely the cherry on top of the Middlebury Theatre major. The summer I spent with PTP/NYC was one I will never forget.”

- Cassidy Boyd ‘10, actor and dancer, Los Angeles




“I never would have known about the vibrant theatre that exists here in Washington if I hadn't been introduced to the work and the people during my summer with PTP.  Now that I know, I'm right where I want to be!”

- Laura Harris ‘07, actor, Washington DC








“PTP offered me an early chance to learn and work with professional actors on thrilling plays. It allowed me to see how excited these professionals were to work on plays of such depth and insight, and this helped inspire me to seek the further training I needed.  My work with the company solidified and generated friendships that I value among my closest today.”

- Jon Sherman ‘94, actor, director, and founder of Sprung Theatre Company, Chicago; Assistant Professor of Theatre, Franklin Marshall College



“Theater, for me, is about community.  I learned that at PTP.  In my three seasons with the Company, whether toiling backstage with my fellow students, sharing the stage with inspiring artists, or celebrating with everyone, altogether, after the shows, I learned that theater is more than an art form, it is a way of life.  My way of life.  So, thank you, PTP, and happy 25th!”

- Willie Orbison ‘08, actor and playwright, LAByrinth Theatre, NYC




“I am living in Boston and working with Whistler in the Dark Theatre, a company I co-founded with other Middlebury/PTP alums. Over our first six seasons, Whistler has garnered a reputation for bare-bones physically inventive productions of intellectually and politically challenging plays... I wonder where I learned that aesthetic!”

- Meg Taintor ‘01, artistic director, Whistler in the Dark, Boston




“The existence and success of PTP is one of the reasons I became a founding company member, and subsequently managing director, of Whistler in the Dark Theatre. Great memories, friendships and the opportunity to learn about the business world of theatre come to mind as I remember my time at PTP.”

- Amanda Knappman ‘04, managing director, Whistler in the Dark, Boston, Assistant Brand Manager, COVERGIRL, P&G




“PTP provided us with the opportunity to dive right into NYC's theatre scene without looking back.  It was a safe place to grow and be positively challenged by our colleagues.”

- Sally Swallow ‘07, actor and singer, NYC






“I have incredibly fond memories of my J-term with PTP at the Olney Center where Dan O'Brien, Coert Voorhees, and I shared a month living above the spooky theater. I found it immensely valuable as a young person to be away from the shelter of home and school; learning how to cook, budget my time, and simply exist as a grown-up. Above all, I have PTP to thank for my introduction to life as a professional actor.  I count myself among the fortunate ones with a life in the arts and hope to continue to tell stories to audiences willing to listen for many years to come.”

- Nick Toren ’95.5, actor, Los Angeles




“I will always treasure the memories from that summer at PTP. I was able to not only make lasting friendships but professional ones as well. THANK YOU CHERYL AND RICHARD! I wish PTP was still in the DC area.”

- Kate Michelsen Graham '99.5, actor, Manager Blue Sky Puppet Theatre, Baltimore Maryland




"PTP was vital in showing me that great theater can be created by anyone and everyone with talent and dedication, student and professional alike.”

- Willy McKay ‘11, actor, NY





“In 2000, I spent the summer after graduating Middlebury at PTP serving as the assistant director on staged readings of two new plays. This was the first time I had been a part of a developmental staged reading. Who knew that strange, swampy summer would set me on a course toward a career in new play development.  Thanks, PTP, for starting me on this amazing adventure.”

- Jessi Burgess ‘00, artistic director, The Inkwell, Washington DC



“I loved the opportunity to participate in PTP. The chemistry of professionals and students working together created an energy that challenged and inspired all of us.”

- Maegan Mishico ’08.5, NYC, BLOC casting NYC








“When most of us went from Middlebury to PTP, not only did I feel tighter to my own class, but realized I was part of a larger community of Middlebury alums and PTP alums - part of a larger community of passionate, intelligent artists, and part of the history of a remarkable theater company.”

- Stephanie Strohm ‘08, actor, novelist, founder of MaineStage Shakespeare, NYC







“PTP opened my eyes to the possibilities our art form holds and taught me how to manipulate a work of theatre to delight and confound audiences. Having subsequently co-founded a theatre in Boston operating under similar principles, I have come to realize how absolutely invaluable my training and experiences with PTP are to my studies, my art, and--without sounding too precious--my entire life as a theatremaker and human being.”

- Ben Fainstein ‘04, co-founder, Whistler in the Dark, MFA candidate in playwrighting, Yale School of Drama



“I participated in PTP two years ago as a rising senior at Middlebury, and it remains the single most enriching experience of my acting career to date. It was truly a blessing to be allowed to dive into this business and try your hand at so many different angles of it while still a student.”

- Will Damron ‘09, actor, writer







“PTP inspired me and connected me to Middlebury's diverse group of theatre artists. I am so grateful to Cheryl and Richard for their generosity with students and alumni; they have built a company that is a home.”

- Lily Balsen ‘06, actor



“I truly believe the reason why I'm a publicist today is because of Cheryl and her guidance. Being part of PTP was my first publicity "gig," and I will never forget how much it taught me...and how much is also helped to launch my career.

Today, I am lucky enough to hold the position of being the head of public relations for PEANUTS by Charles Schulz. I love my job and always will remember how my career came to be. Thank you, PTP. And Happy Anniversary!”

- Melissa Menta, Vice President of Corporate Communications for Iconix; Board member, Charles Schultz Museum



“PTP was a wonderful experience, my first in a professional theatre setting, living a theatre artist's life. An honor -- and a rarity -- to be doing such serious theatre. I acted a little, but what I remember most is running the soundboard for Scenes From an Execution. Something about watching that show over and over again -- it was a blessing to a nascent playwright. And speaking of playwriting, my first professional reading was with PTP in 1995, directed by Doug Sprigg, and starring none other than Alex Draper. It's hard to overestimate the confidence that gave me.  Enough to propel me through the first years of an insane career.”

- Dan O’Brien ‘96, playwright, Los Angeles




“It is hard to summarize what PTP meant to me.  I think that it was a time in my life where I had no other responsibilities but to follow my dream. PTP believed in me and gave me the confidence to believe in myself.  It was, during those short few months, my life in every sense of the word.”

-Solange Weinberger Kidd ‘89, teacher, American School of London







“At school, I had taken for granted that I would be continually “employed”. In the real world, I humbly realized, this was not even remotely the case. I learned from watching the professional actors I was privileged to work with, how fortunate we all were for every single opportunity we had to practice our craft. My experience gave me something priceless: it made me able to visualize the possibility of a life in the theatre.”

- Nina Silver ‘93, actor, Los Angeles





“Not only did PTP provide me with my first professional acting experience which I later used to build a career in Washington DC, but it helped create a real sense of company back home in Middlebury. The students who work and play together during the summer bring that enthusiasm back to campus and infuse the rest of the department with camaraderie and energy.”

- Julia Proctor ’06.5, actor, NYC


“PTP and the Middlebury College Theatre Department set the foundation for my life as a creative artist.”

-  Lee Rose Emery ’89, actor, playwright, founder of LACityMom, Los Angeles








“My experience with PTP and acting helps me every day as a teacher in New Orleans. The emotional roller coaster of a day at school is not dissimilar to that of an actor's journey through a role. Watching and working with amazing professional actors at PTP is just like being surrounded by the best teachers in the world."

-Justine Katzenbach 08.5, teacher, Teach for America (at left in picture)




“I'm currently living in Las Vegas and working for Cirque du Soleil.  I'm one of the stage managers for Mystère.  Vegas could not be further from Vermont in so many ways but I wouldn't be here without the start that Middlebury gave me.”

-Kate Mielke ‘01, stage manager, Cirque de Soleil, Las Vegas







“I am grateful for the opportunities that Middlebury and PTP gave me to become a critically thinking theatre artist, creating artistic work that is meaningful to me and hopefully making a bit of a difference in the world at the same time.”

- Aimee Young Hopkins ‘93, actor, founder of Aimee Art Productions






“The provocative nature of the work made us feel that we were part of something vital, that we were offering something that the D.C. arts scene – and Middlebury – needed.”


-Andrea Schaefer ’91, actor








“PTP opened the gates up for me as it started me off with my equity points and gave me a professional credit on my resume that sparked interest to others and started the ball rolling...and it was all upwards from there!”

- Zoe Anastassiou ‘03, actor








“PTP encouraged me to take pride in the full process of creating the shows that summer. As an actor I was given the opportunity to experience the full scope of the world of theatre, and discovered a sense of personal responsibility as well as a company of artists unlike anything I have experienced since.”

- Martha Newman ‘10, actor, Los Angeles







"When asked how long I have been an actor I say twenty years.  That is because it was twenty years ago that PTP offered me my first opportunity to work as an actor in a professional theater. My career as a professional actor continues to be driven by the values instilled in me at Middlebury College and PTP.   I am deeply grateful for the experience."

- Matt Saldivar ‘92, actor, The Wedding Singer, South Pacific, NYC and Los Angeles






My work with PTP during and post-Middlebury were invaluable in my formation as an actor.    By the time I graduated I had gained solid professional footing that allowed me to obtain my Equity card and hit the ground running.”

-Jay Dunn '00, director, actor and teacher, NY, NY





“After I graduated, I worked with PTP, and was later accepted into Juilliard.  I felt then- as I still do- that it was the strength and presence of PTP as a network and home base, and Middlebury's Theatre Department, that carried me to that next step- that gave me courage- that pushed me out of the nest of undergraduate, into the competitive mainstream of New York's theatre world.  I have always felt enormously grateful for that foundation.”

- Aidan Sullivan ‘95, actor, NYC and Austin Texas






“PTP introduced me to an incredible community of artists.  People I first worked with in 1996 as a student in PTP are now among my most cherished collaborators, colleagues and friends. PTP and the Theatre Department remain among Middlebury's greatest assets.”

- Megan Byrne ’96.5, actor and teacher, NYC






“My summer with PTP in Olney was definitely a highlight of my time at Middlebury.  Congrats to Cheryl, Richard and Jim on 25 years, and thanks for giving us all those many happy memories!”

-Rich Price 99.5, singer and composer, member of the Sweet Remains





“The Potomac Theatre Project gives an extraordinary opportunity for undergraduate students to work in the theatre as an acting intern.  You get a taste of everything that is necessary to running a theatre company.  You build relationships- lasting professional and personal relationships.  And, you get the opportunity to work on theatrical political material- material that is hardly ever brought to life in this country.  I do not know of another undergraduate program that can boast its equal.  I am a proud alum of four seasons, and I will always think of PTP as home.”

- Bill Army ‘07, actor; MFA, NYU Tisch School of the Arts; Broadway: Relatively Speaking




Why PTP Makes Me Smile

PTP has been a welcoming artistic summer haven for me. PTP has fed my hunger for thoughtful theatrical experiences as an audience member and provided me with space and time to present evenings of my own written work every summer since I’ve graduated. The After Dark series— during which PTP opens up its resources to alumni projects in all stages of completion, allowed me to deepen the vocabulary of my collaboration with the friends I made at Middlebury and to strengthen the pieces I presented. Both of the evenings I worked on were well-attended and joyful celebrations of friendship and new work that helped to start meaningful conversations about current and future projects.

The After Dark series has been an amazing opportunity for me to connect with Middlebury alums about what we are working on and what we are passionate about —and occasionally to mine professorial advice from our mentors who we wish we could carry with us all of the time as we venture beyond the verdant hills of Vermont.

- Emily Feldman ‘09, playwright, NYC



“For me, PTP was the perfect mix of a performance and mentorship program. As an aspiring actor and student gearing up for my last semester of college, PTP gave me the opportunity to perform on a New York stage, with a professional team of artists, working on the American premiere of a uniquely provocative play. Thank you to everyone who makes PTP happen. It’s a special artistic family to be a part of as a playwright and a fan.”

- Emily Kron ’09.5, playwright and actor, NYC



“I just graduated Middlebury in May 2010, and the first job I had out of college was with PTP.  There could have been no better introduction into the theatre world.  At PTP, I learned that before anything else, theatre is a community.  I felt immediately and completely a part of the Middlebury theatre community, and that helped me to feel connected to the theatre community in NYC at large.  Right now, I'm an acting apprentice at the Actor's Theatre of Louisville, still learning every day that the theatre world is a surprisingly tiny little family that I am loving being a part of.  Thanks to PTP for letting me in! Code Name: Hairy Mary of the FBI.”

- Martina Bonolis ’10, actor and director, intern Actors Theatre of Louisville



"PTP walked me into the next phase of my life, outside of the bubble of Middlebury's Vermont campus. It provided an unparalleled experience of testing the "real life" waters, surrounded by the support, guidance and encouragement of my closest professors and peers.

PTP plopped me in the pulse of one of the world's greatest cities and I never once looked back."

-Lauren Kiel ‘07, assistant to the President of Lincoln Center, actor, NYC



Having the opportunity to work with The Potomac Theatre Project that first summer after I graduated from Middlebury was a fantastic bridge from college into the world of professional theatre.  It was a wonderful way for those of us who were just entering the profession to learn from incredibly talented experienced actors, who were always willing to share their knowledge with us and to help us get started on our way!

-Laura Rocklyn ‘04, actor, MFA The Shakespeare Theatre Company's Academy for Classical Training





PTP offered an invaluable and unique opportunity to work with professional actors in a professional/non-collegiate setting.  The stress, deadlines and fun of putting on 3 (is that right?) plays in such a short period of time was amazing.  In business, we call it "project management," in the theatre it's called "opening night!" We did everything from putting up the show to taking tickets, to marketing and promotions, and of course, the whole thing was a success because of the environment created by the directors and the professional actors.  Again in business we call it "company culture." In theatre, we know it as a "grounded ensemble." Now, I'm a mother of two and the Vice President of Marketing for a socially and environmentally responsible baby products company, called gDiapers. Reflecting now, it's the same focused creative process that got us to an opening night in the theatre that I use to approach every Marketing objective, whether it's a creative brainstorm, a web campaign, a product launch, etc. Believe it or not, most of our Marketing team has some sort of creative, theatre or arts background. No surprise, really.  Art, and in this case, theatre...matters.  It matters a lot.

-Kate Bailey French ‘93, VP Marketing, gDiapers



“The Potomac Theatre Project offered me an experience that no young actor coming into the big city could dream to have. To work on an Equity show during college, or even right after, is a priceless opportunity for someone aspiring to do theater. PTP is a foot in the door. As a working actor, I credit Middlebury's theatre program and PTP in particular for exposing me to the inner workings of professional theater.”

-Veracity Butcher ‘09, actor and playwright, member of the Flea Troupe, NYC




“I remember arriving at my Aunt's house (she was out of town for a month) near Chevy Chase Circle my first day in DC in the summer of 1989, and a near-tornado hitting literally as I was walking into the house. Luckily, my aunt's house survived with only minor damage. That, however, was minor drama compared to "The Castle"! It was a wonderful summer of growth for me as an actor and a person.”

- Jim Briggs ‘90, actor





“PTP has been the essential piece connecting my college experience of theater with my experience in the real world.  The work I did during those summers gave me confidence & bravery as a designer, and the people I collaborated with inspired me to seek a life in the arts. Right now I am a costume intern at Juilliard, and last week I knew where to buy vintage military insignia for an opera because of my work with Jim Petosa on Somewhere In The Pacific (PTP Season 22).  Somehow everything traces back to PTP! Congratulations on 25 seasons!”

-Franny Bohar, ’08, costume designer



“I participated in PTP in the summer of 2000. Ten years later, I've toured all over the world with The Second City and The Improvised Shakespeare Company.  It's amazing to think that my experience with being part of a professional theatre company began in Olney that summer.  I now live that life everyday.  Happy 25th, PTP.”

-Steve Waltien, actor, Second City, Upright Citizens Brigade, Chicago



“In describing my PTP experience and why it sent me into the world (never to return) of Wellman, Barker, Judith Thompson, etc., I only need recount one of my roles as laid out in the breakdown: 'Jesus, an Irish bike messenger'. Awesome. Fast forward 15 years, and I am directing high schoolers in Scenes From an Execution. Thanks Cheryl, Jim, Richard - for reminding me to respect my audience: 'I knew that, I knew that, I already knew that...' “

- Chris Marshall ’94.5, actor and Arts Department Chair, Sage Hill School





“I first performed with PTP in the summer of 1993, shortly after graduating from Middlebury.  It was my very first experience making money as an actor--I think we got a stipend of $50 per week, although it might have been per month--and it felt totally exhilarating to suddenly feel that I was professional artist, even though I was totally broke.  In 2008, after a fifteen-year hiatus, I performed with PTP-NYC in Sarah Kane's Crave and Neal Bell's Somewhere in the Pacific.  It felt like I was returning to the fold.  A circuit between the formative impetus of my theater career and the actor I have become was completed.  It was an incredibly gratifying homecoming. I am so happy to be joining the company again this year, in its 25th season. Thank you Richard, Cheryl, and Jim.”

-Adam Ludwig '93, actor, NYC



What's the worth of the word "company" in present day American theatre?  I bet not much.  Theatre in this country isn't structured in a way to support that working model anymore.  But PTP, with its unique relationship with Middlebury College and the 25 years of students that enrich the theatre communities of this nation, is an exception to this loss of worth.  The "company" is vital to their process and ultimately the performance.

I know I am not the only one who can identify within themselves a sense of belonging to the Potomac Theatre Project company.  I am eternally curious in the upcoming shows, interested in the next generation of MiddKids who fill the ranks, and now, a fan on Facebook.  (And I haven't performed with the company for over 10 years!)  I feel pride at the level of work, and from the audience, can relate with every actor on stage.  How many companies exist in this country that can provoke such a sense of belonging?   It’s a pretty unique thing—and it promotes PTP to a level of inspired existence.

PTP is the company that inspired me to start a company by teaching me the ins and outs of Guerilla Theatre-Making.  And my own theatre company-- Project Y-- is all the richer for it; our entire structure as a project-based company stems from the conversations on the Olney Porch with the PTP family.

The 25th year anniversary has come quickly hasn’t it?  It really is amazing the path you have created for yourselves.

- Andrew W. Smith '97.5, Actor, co-founder and Co-Artistic Director, Project Y Theatre Company, NYC

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