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Look, Dream, Begin: The 28th Annual First Show

October 5-7 | Hepburn Zoo Theatre

A series of brand new, short plays from around the world interwoven into an inventive, truthful, and life-affirming piece about what it means to dream up a future during the climate crisis.

Directed by Madison Middleton ‘22.5

Actors in bathroom taking a selfie, many with troll hair wigs on

Greek Tragedy by Lia Romeo

October 26-28 | Wright Memorial Theatre

Anna is a famous and fabulous Instagram influencer. Jennifer is her drab best friend. But Jennifer is the one who’s been writing all of Anna’s content, while Anna spirals into addiction and out of control. And now Jennifer’s the one who’s writing this play. A story about telling stories… and about how to live our lives when we live our lives online.

Directed by Michole Biancosino

Four actors imitating Queen's iconic pose from Bohemian Rhapsody

Dad Rock

November 2-4 | Hepburn Zoo Theatre

A collection of ten different scenes, songs, and monologues aiming to challenge the expectations our society places on male-identifying people that exist at the heart of many of the mental health crises affecting people of all ages, sexualities, and genders whether they themselves feel the pressure of these impossible expectations or are close to people who do. 

Compiled by and Senior 700 work in Acting of Beck Barsanti ‘23.5
Directed by Brianna Beach ‘23.5, Maggie Blake ‘24, and Gavin Richards ‘25.5

Three actresses looking into the camera

Beta Bitches by Emily Yuko Walborn


Two girls, Madison and Gwen, come together to hold a seance to attempt to communicate with their deceased best friend and queen bee, Claire. However, something goes wrong, and they bring back an unexpected person. The show deals with themes of friendship, coming of age, and finding identity.

Independent 500 work in Directing of Sophie Butler-Rahman ‘25

Polaroids in a grid-like pattern of individual actors in character on a gray backdrop

Polaroid Stories by Naomi Iizuka

November 30-December 2 | Seeler Studio Theatre

Naomi Iizuka describes her play Polaroid Stories as “a visceral blend of classical mythology and real life stories told by street kids.” 10 actors play characters ranging from Echo, Eurydice, Orpheus and Narcissus to Skinhead, Kaos, Melody and Disappear. “Iizuka journeys into a dangerous world where myth-making fulfills a fierce need for transcendence, where storytelling has the power to transform a reality in which character’s lives are continually threatened, devalued and erased. Like their mythic counterparts, these modern-day mortals are engulfed by needs that burn and consume. Their language mixes poetry and profanity imbuing the play with Lyricism and great theatrical force”.

Directed by Alex Draper


Three actresses around an arm chair dressed in Old-English costuming, one holding a hat

Storm Still by Gab Reisman

December 7-9 | Hepburn Zoo Theatre

Playwright Gab Reisman describes her work Storm Still as a “fast and loose reenactment of KING LEAR: part eulogy, part drinking game, part child’s game of pretend.” The three sisters, Goneril, Regan, and Cordelia, share a homburg hat and malmsey as they process the death of their father, with the help of Shakespeare’s language.

Senior 700 work in Acting of Aidan Amster ‘23.5, Brianna Beach ‘23.5, and Annabelle Iredale ‘23.5
Independent 500 work in Lighting Design of Alex Garcia ‘26, Costume Design of Julia Breckenridge ‘25.5, and Directing of Caroline Armour ‘24

Illustration of Opportunity rover on Mars

Oppy by Kayla Schwartz ‘23.5

December 11 | Hepburn Zoo Theatre

A reading of Kayla Schwartz’s playwriting thesis. Based on the true story of NASA’s Opportunity rover, Oppy follows the story of a father and daughter as they journey through the 90-day mission turned 15-year journey across Mars.

Senior 700 work in Playwriting of Kayla Schwartz ‘23.5

A small dog looking at the camera inside a ribbon circle

The Found Dog Ribbon Dance by Dominic Finocchiaro

April 4-6 | Seeler Studio Theatre

Norma found a dog! Norma is a professional cuddler in Seattle, one of the first in the field. Her quest to return the dog to its rightful family leads Norma to curious encounters and the possibility of a second chance at love. This quirky romantic comedy about loneliness, oxytocin, and the healing power of Whitney Houston, explores the necessity and dangers of touch, the importance of pets, and the joy of ribbon dancing!

Directed by Olga Sanchez Saltveit

Woman with runny eyeliner in a pageant dress, sash, and tiara holding a baby

The Worst Mother in the World by Kari Bentley-Quinn

April 11-13 | Hepburn Zoo Theatre

New mom Nina has a healthy baby boy, a loving husband…and is struggling with terrifying nightmares and anxiety attacks. Her therapist, Bonnie, is trying to help her discover how she can be a better mother to her infant son. In the meantime, Bonnie’s estranged daughter, Mary, arrives home with some life changing news. When Nina and Mary become friends, Bonnie’s professional and personal life gets a lot more complicated.

Senior 700 work in Acting of Katelyn Wenkoff ‘24, Directing of Caroline Armor ‘24, and Lighting Design of KK Newton ‘24
Independent 500 work in Set Design of Qinyi Hua ‘25

Two actors in all white floating in water

Airswimming by Charlotte Jones

April 18-20 | Hepburn Zoo Theatre

Charlotte Jones’s Airswimming follows the story of Dora Kitson and Persephone Baker, two unlikely friends who are confined to life in St. Dymphna’s Hospital for the Criminally Insane beginning in the 1920s. Watch the evolution of their relationship - one of friendship, familial love, and romantic tension - as they cope with the pressure of 50 years of isolation by forming alter egos: bibliophile Dorph and Doris-Day-loving Porph.

Senior 700 work in Acting of Maggie Blake ‘24 and Kristen Morgenstern ‘24
Independent 500 work in Directing of Elsa Marrian ‘25 and Lighting Design of August Siegel ‘25