(revised April 2024)

The designation “emeritus” or “emerita” is awarded by the President and Board to retired faculty who have met certain service criteria. The enumerated bullet points below are designed to help faculty emeriti maintain a strong relationship with the college and to encourage their continued involvement in its academic life and intellectual community.

Emeriti Teaching

  • At the request of a Department or Program, and with approval of the VPAA, emeriti may be on occasion invited to teach, normally no more than one course each year. Such courses must be approved by the VPAA on an individual basis, and will be contingent on substantive departmental needs.
  • Emeriti who, on the recommendation of the department chair or program director, wish to supervise a senior thesis or other senior work are encouraged to do so. Such arrangements shall be approved by the VPAA. An emeritus thesis advisor will receive a stipend of $500 for advising a thesis. Departments and Programs are also encouraged to draw on emeriti as second readers for theses (without remuneration), when a student might wish it.

Research Support

  • Emeriti whose current research would benefit from a carrel at the Library may contact the Dean of Curriculum regarding the availability of study space. In the assignment of these carrels, priority will be given to active members of the faculty on academic leave. Emeriti, like active faculty, will be asked to describe the specific research project they are pursuing.  The College may, if possible, offer offices to emeriti faculty.  The assignment of office space will take place on a yearly basis. Normally, regardless of their research or scholarly work, emeriti may not have an assigned office more than 4 years after retirement or an assigned carrel more than 2 years after retirement.
  • Retirees holding an emeriti title are able to print from photocopiers campus using their Middlebury College IDs. Printing issues should be directed to the Helpdesk. 
  • Research Grants.  The Dean of the Faculty can award modest grants to subsidize emeriti research.  These grants include funds for projects that foster student/emeriti collaboration, such as funds for a student assistant.  They will also be given for research projects that will result in publication or opportunities to lecture on campus.  Two to three such grants may be made in any given year, depending on funds available.


  • Emeriti faculty continue to enjoy access to the College computer network and email facilities and technical support on issues related to that access. They also have access to library services and resources (such as ILL).  
  • Middlebury retirees may exchange their Middlebury ID card for a retiree card. Your retiree card can be used for library access, discounts on store merchandise and tickets for sporting and arts events as well as golf and ski passes, etc. If you would like a new ID card printed, please email middcard@middlebury.edu to start the process.
  • Additional information for Middlebury retirees can be found here.