Culture, Power, and Practice Award in Anthropology

Established in 2020 for our first graduating class in the Anthropology Department, this award honors outstanding senior work in the department as well as academic excellence. 

Past Recipients

2023  Katie Barton and Mel Leider

2022  Suria Vanrajah and Anna Wood

2021  Daniel Krugman and Kayla Lichtmann

2020  Oshin Bista

Margaret K. Nelson Award in Critical Sociology and Anthropology

The Margaret K. Nelson Award in Critical Sociology and Anthropology was established in 2017 in honor of Professor Nelson, who taught in the SOAN department 1975-2017. Awarded to a graduating SOAN senior for high academic achievement, leadership in student and community activities, and/or critical contributions to public social science.  This award was last given in the final year of the Sociology and Anthropology Department (2019).Margaret K. Nelson Award

Past Recipients

2019 Sarah V. Koch
Grace Levin
2018 Rachel D. Cohen
Julia L. Shumlin
2017 Aliza L. Cohen
2016 Jena Ritchey

Lank Prize in Sociology and Anthropology

Established in 1984 by Dr. Alden G. Lank ’55, Professor Emeritus of Organizational Behavior and Stephan Schmidheiny Professor Emeritus of Family Enterprises of the International Management Development Institute, Lausanne, Switzerland. Awarded to a graduating senior in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology for academic excellence and, where appropriate, contributions to international understanding.  This award was last given in the final year of the Sociology and Anthropology Department (2019).

Past Recipients

2019 Caroline Emma Wolf and Lulu Zhou
2018 Noah Cameron Liebmiller and Priyanjali Sinha
2017 Rachel Elisabeth Kinney and Samantha Takahashi Lamont
2016 Diana Karen Luna
2015 Michael Hunter Bernstein and Megan Else Ernst
2014 Cailey Anne Cron and Anna Matrone Mack
2013 Jordan Ricigliano
2012 Arthur Jung Han Choo
2011 Julianna Tschirhart
2010 Elissa Bullion
2009 Christine Bachman and Benjamin Grimmnitz
2008 Tracy Young
2007 Yelizavetta Kofman
2006 Michael Rimoin and Pauley Tedoff
2005 Karin L. Colyer, Jasmin N. Johnson, and Marina Zaloznaya
2004 Lila S. Buckley
2003 Rebecca M. Adams and Stephanie A. Savell
2002 Laura Allison Bloom
2001 Courtney Christine Brocks and Masturah Ismail
2000 Julie Christina Crosby
1999 Sandra Jeanne Caron and Jason Jonathan Price
1998 Laurie Anne Gagnon and Pratima S. Sipahimalani
1997 Renee Kuriyan and Kim Davis
1996 Gretchen B. Elias
1995 Alison E. Ferrari and Danielle S. Johnson
1994 Karlyn Komives and Germaine Trong
1993 Amy E. Fox
1992 Katherine E. Beal
1991 Rebecca A. Nash
1990 Tracey A. Gallin
1989 Jane I. Keller and Naoshi Kira
1988 Christine M. Fiedler
1987 Elizabeth V. Wimberly
1986 Rajindra K. Puri
1985 Susan Dutton Clark

The Blum & Company Award

Established in 1984 by Albert L. Blum ’72. Awarded to a graduating senior in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology for high academic achievement or leadership in student and community activities. The last award was given in 2014.

2014 Luke Carroll Brown
2013 Jay Sapier
2012 Amethyst Amanda–Larie Tate and Sophia Mandel D’Ignazio
2011 Kristin Haas
2010 Todd Swisher
2009 Hannah Rabinovitch
2008 Mary Freeman-Lynde and Kristen Ward
2007 Tamara Vatnick
2006 Amber Trotter
2005 Oana M. Dan, Andrea K. M. Hamre, and Rebecca N. Schutz
2004 John G. McKinley
2003 Elizabeth B. Howell and Melanie A. Mac
2002 Kristen Lucia Gray and Peter John Dixon
2001 Amanda Cale Cecil
2000 Jennifer Lee Labrecque
1999 Lisa Janicki
1998 Tiffany Monica Bean and Julie Flanagan
1997 Erin Weiner and Hillery Hinds
1996 Brooke W. McDonald and Daniel A. Schechter
1995 Wendy S. Russell
1994 Heidi A. Bachman and Heather E. Driscoll
1993 Andrew T. Levinson
1992 Garon K. Jones
1991 Beth A. Lasell
1990 Kristin L. Homer
1989 Victoria B. Wideman
1988 Cara E. Walthier
1987 Jayne L. E. Maxwell
1986 Edward K Ryter
1985 Martha L. Reis
1984 Sarah S. Burke