Built in 1992 as part of Middlebury College’s Mahaney Arts Center, the Dance Theatre is a unique space.

Covering 4,400 square feet, the room serves as the Dance Department’s main classroom and studio, and is a fully equipped theatre as well. Designed as a multiconfiguration space, there are only two right angles in the room. As most touring companies prefer a proscenium setup, the information in this packet focuses on that configuration. Additional information concerning nonproscenium configurations is available upon request.

Please review the general information below.

Capacity and Load-In

Auditorium capacity: 165

Load-in point is at stage level through four sets of double doors, 86” high and 53” wide with no center obstruction. The load-in point is a parking area rather than a dock and is unsuitable for a semitrailer.

Dressing Rooms

There are two gender-neutral dressing rooms with mirrors, costume hanging racks, sinks, toilets, and shower/tubs. They are on the stage level and have paging monitors. There is a green room with a small kitchen. An iron and ironing board are available.

Stage Dimensions

  • Proscenium opening: 36’0” wide, 19’0” high
  • Proscenium depth: 24’0” from plaster line
  • First audience row: 14’0” from plaster line
  • Wing space stage right: varies by wing (see floor plan)
  • Wing space stage left: 9’0”
  • Grid is on 9’4” centers (see light plot).
  • There are no flies and no act curtain.


  • Wings: There are four sets of soft black legs. A fifth set is hung in an L-shape to provide cross-over masking.
  • Black traveler hung on a walking track 34’0” upstage of plaster line.
  • White seamless muslin cyc hung on a walking track 34’6” upstage of plaster line.
  • Black sharkstooth scrim is available, deadhung 3” front of white cyc.

Lighting System

Dimmer per circuit, 2 Sensor IQ48 racks for a total of 96 switched relay breakers and 2 Sensor3 SR48 for 192 2.4k conventional dimmers, ETC Net3 DMX gateways throughout theatre.


  • ETC Ion XE 2048 outputs.
  • There is no company switch.

Repertory Light Plot

As the theatre is our main teaching studio, technical access is limited. The enclosed repertory plot provides an excellent basis to light most productions. In addition to specials, minor changes in the rep plot are possible. Detailed focus information is available upon request. A company’s plot is requested 30 days after contracts are signed. To maximize your tech/dress rehearsal time, color is requested two weeks prior to your arrival. Your plot and color will be in the air upon your arrival.

See Repertory light plot for MCA Dance Theatre. Includes masking layout.

Inventory of units available as specials

  • 4 26-degree Source Four
  • 2 19-degree Source Four
  • 8 Colortran 6” fresnel @ 1K
  • 4 Colortran 8” fresnel @ 2K

Sound System


  • Soundcraft GB4, 16 channel
  • Mackie 1202 8-channel mixer is available for a sub mix.


  • 6 QSC MX 700 200 watts per channel


  • 4 grid-mounted Electro-Voice 2220 with fixed S200 EQ. One pair mounted upstage left and right, one pair mounted over audience house left and right.
  • Additional monitors available upon request.
  • Subwoofer located upstage.


  • 2 wireless (one handheld, one lavalier or handheld) and two wired SM58 mics are available.
  • Wireless mic gains can be controlled through touchpanel in theatre.


Playback is available through a 3.5mm aux jack in the theatre or in the booth, or from CD and phonograph in booth. Advanced notice is appreciated for LP playback.


  • Clear-Com 2-channel system with headset and beltpack. Eight stations.
  • One-way monitoring system in dressing room, green room, and connecting hallway. Video monitor in green room.

Projections and Video

  • 1 Panasonic PT-EZ770, 6500 lumens, located in booth, provides full coverage of cyc, about 25 wide by 18 high, built-in shutter. Power on/off controlled via touchscreen in theatre and from booth.
  • 1 Panasonic PTDW 5100, 5500 lumens
  • 1 Mitsubishi XL5950, 4700 lumens, with mounting hardware for flexible placement, external douser: “The Flapper” manual or DMX control.
  • Playback is available via VGA or HDMI connections in booth or in theatre.
  • 2 HD video cameras, various models and ages.
  • 2 60” TVs on carts, various inputs available.

Miscellaneous Items

Stage floor

Robbins Bio-Cushion III, force reduction, resilient floor with a D.I.N. rating of 68. Flat black finish on maple. A Rosco studio floor in black or white is available. No stage screws, nails, jacks, or other hardware applications are allowed.


Nonunion students. Dressers and wardrobe assistants available only upon request.


All load-in, tech/dress, and spacing rehearsals must be arranged around our daily teaching schedules. Typically these calls are held between 6:30 and 10:30 p.m. Other rehearsals are possible on Saturdays, or by special arrangement.

A second 1600 sq. ft. studio with the same floor at the stage is available for company use, subject to our class schedule.