Grader/TA Positions


Announcement: Thank you for your interest. All Spring 2024 grading positions have been filled. Please check back in late August if you are interested in grading for Fall 2024.

The Economics Department provides graders/TAs for the following ECON course offerings as needed:  0111, 0150, 0155, 0207, 0211, 0212, 0229, 0250, 0255, 0260, 0265, and 0280. 

The economics grader/TA responsibilities may vary from one course to another. In general, graders could be tasked with any of the following responsibilities: grading problem sets, quizzes, review questions, and bonus material; reviewing grades for consistency; calculating scores; recording grades in Excel; alphabetizing papers.

Applicants must be organized, responsible, and dependable individuals, who are able to work with others as well as independently. A willingness to learn is essential, with an enthusiasm for the subject. Confidentiality is required and students will be required to sign a confidentiality statement.

Applicants must have completed the course they are applying to grade for with a grade of B+ or higher and have taken the course on Middlebury’s Vermont campus.

Applicants should apply prior to the beginning of each semester.

Hired students who wish to continue grading from one semester to the next need not reapply. However, they must email Amy Holbrook to notify her of their wish to be considered for the following semester whether for the same or a different course and/or instructor. Rehires are not guaranteed.

The Economics Department strives to place all qualified applicants; however, it is not always possible.

If you are interested in applying for a position as an ECON grader/TA, please first complete the Grading Application Supplemental information Google form, linked here.

The ECON grader/TA position will be posted on the College’s internal job board, Workable Referrals, in the month (minimum) prior to the term being hired for. Therefore, please check back here for the link during January term to apply for a spring position or in August to apply for a fall position.

Once the position is posted in Workable, you can type “econ” in the search bar on the top left to search for the position or enter the grading position number, 900463. Once you find the posting, hover your cursor over the title, then click “apply”  and complete your application. A cover letter and CV are not required for your application.

The Student Employment Office requires all student hiring to be processed through Workable (new as of Fall 2022). Students may not begin working until the hiring process is completed by Human Resources. With the new processing schedule all students start dates will be on a Monday.

Please visit the Student Employment Office site for information regarding required employment documents and training.

Please direct any questions you have regarding current openings or the position to Amy Holbrook at or 802-443-5327.

Questions relating to using Workable, completing employment forms, and time entry can be directed to

Research Opportunities

Here you will find a periodically updated listing of openings for paid research assistantships with faculty along with instructions for applying. If you are interested in a research opportunity but no research assistantships are currently available, please check back on this page periodically for new postings. Most research assistantships are full-time positions in the summer. Summer positions are typically posted during the month of March.

Spring 2024 Positions

The following paid research assistant positions are available for Spring 2024. Links to apply via Workable will be posted at the bottom of each position once available.


Project Title: Tracing Policy Shifts in Presidential Speeches Across Two Centuries

Supervising Professor: Germán Reyes

Project Description: The project uses natural-language processing algorithms on a comprehensive dataset of presidential speeches spanning two centuries to analyze and understand the evolution and driving factors behind policy priorities as embedded in presidential speeches.

RA Tasks:

  • Compile Missing Presidential Speeches for the Database: Research and locate missing presidential speeches, cross-reference them with existing databases, and format them appropriately for inclusion.
  • Collect Missing Information about Political Leaders: Gather additional data on political leaders, focusing on aspects such as education, occupation, marriage status, etc., ensuring all data is authenticated and accurately recorded.

Prerequisites: Strong programming skills are essential to write scripts that automate the data-collection process. Double majors in Economics and Computer Science are particularly encouraged to apply. A working knowledge of Spanish is advantageous as the dataset contains speeches in Spanish, though this is not a strict requirement.

Duration: 40-50 hours. During most weeks, the research assistant is expected to work 4-5 hours.

Link to Apply:


Project Title: Regression Analysis Across Coding Languages

Supervising Professor: Tanya Byker

Project Description: We will produce a set of data analyses that are replicable in both Stata and R. The final product will be a set of modules documenting and explaining the translation across coding languages.

RA Tasks: Replication of data cleaning, data visualization, and regression analysis in Stata, and R (and potentially Python).

Prerequisites: Competence in Stata and R and familiarity with regression analysis. Competency in Python would be a bonus but is not required. Attention to detail.

Duration: Up to 75 hours. Scheduling can be flexible depending on student availability. Potential for extension into the summer if desired. 


Project Title:  Gender Outcomes Over the Business Cycle

Supervising Professors: Zara Contractor, David Munro

Project Description: Creating a dataset of historical state-level unemployment claims to study female labor force participation and unemployment outcomes over the business cycle.

RA Tasks: Digitizing data on historical unemployment claims and helping with the literature review. Depending on progress, the RA may also work on coding tasks for other projects.

Prerequisites: Attention to detail. Coding experience preferred.

Duration: 40 hours. 8 weeks x 5 hours / week. Or fewer weeks with more hours per week.

Link to Apply: