Recent senior thesis projects that have been completed in Linguistics via the Independent Scholar program:


Riley Board: “How should I say this?: Speakers’ Perceptions of Their Own Lexically Specific Phonology Switches” 

Lila Sternberg-Sher: “Attitudes towards the use of ‘Latinx’ among Middlebury College students”


Caroline Cating: “Perceptions of Caló Loanwords in Iberian Spanish”


Mark Balderston: “Variation in Second Person Singular Pronoun Use in the Portuguese of Florianópolis, Brazil”

Cynthia Park: “My Brother? My Boyfriend? Use of Korean Kinship Terms in Non-familial Contexts”

Angeline Rodriguez: “Rabid Feminists: Covert Gender Bias in a Lexicographic Corpus”

Abbie Wells: “Daddy Steamed Bun: Exploring Censorship and Resistance on the Chinese Internet through President Xi Jinping”


Kalya Koltes: “Perception and Production of German Vowel Contrasts by Native English Speaking German Learners at Middlebury College”


Mary Robinson: “Whose did you see father? Syntactic Explanations of Left Branch Extraction in Slavic Languages.”