Guidelines for Spanish Honors Thesis

The department will award honors, high honors, or highest honors on the basis of a student’s work in the department and performance in SPAN 0705. (Winter, Spring)


  • A student who, by the end of their junior year, has completed 8 courses that count towards the major with an average of A- or better may initiate the procedure for an honors thesis proposal.
  • The A- average must be maintained in the course or courses that the student may be taking during the semester of application for an honors thesis. 
  • The student must find a topic that they want to develop into an honors thesis. The student must also find a member of the department who is interested in working with them on that topic. The department will consider topics in areas in which the faculty of the department has expertise.
  • The student submits a thesis proposal with a bibliography to a prospective advisor in the department before the fall midterm recess begins. If the thesis proposal is deemed viable by the advisor, the proposal will be submitted to the faculty of the department by November 1. The department may accept the proposal, require some modifications to it, or reject it. A final version of the proposal must have been accepted by the end of fall term classes.
  • The due date for the first draft of the thesis is April 1.
  • The due date for the final copy of the thesis is the last day of classes.
  • The department nominates a second reader for each thesis project. The second reader will participate in the correction of and commentary on the first draft. In case of a discrepancy, the department chair makes the final decision.
  • The department may require an oral presentation by the student during exam week and/or during graduation weekend.

Note: Students graduating in March should consult with the chair concerning scheduling deadlines.