The philosophy common room in Twilight Hall.

The Philosophy Department is fortunate to have a suite of five offices that open onto a Common Room on the third floor of historic Twilight Hall.

The Common Room provides a space in which faculty and students can relax and read or talk outside of class. Students are free to read from the small but rich collection of books and reference works in the departmental library. The library is a memorial to two former department members. Many of the books were donated by the family of John Andrews who taught at Middlebury College from 1936 to 1971, and who remained active in the department for a number of years after retirement. The library is named after him, but is also a memorial to Professor Hiroshi Miyaji, who gave the department many of his philosophy books including works on comparative philosophy. 

Other friends of the Philosophy Department at Middlebury, including Stanley Bates, Carol Rifelj, Dennis O’Brien, and Victor Nuovo, have also donated their books to the departmental library.

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