The Middlebury School in France offers several housing options, each of which provides unique insight into French culture and daily life. See the videos below to hear from past students about each housing type! 

What is a Host Family?

What is a Foyer?

Students are not permitted to live alone, and no one is permitted to share housing with other English-speakers. More information about each housing type and your housing rights and responsibilities can be found below in the FAQs, as well as in the School in France Handbook


Students in Bordeaux live in homestays with host families picked by Middlebury’s on-site Housing Coordinator.  


Paris housing options include homestays and youth residences (called foyers). 

  •  Homestays: The School in France works with an agency that places students with host families in the greater Paris metro area. Cost varies according to the number of meals students request to share with their host family.  
  •  Youth Residences: The School in France has agreements with six youth residences throughout Paris. Cost varies according to the youth residence and room type. Please note that spots in youth residences are limited.   

Note: Students living with a family in Paris will be asked to pay for their housing for the entirety of the semester up front. However, students who receive financial aid from their home institution may ask to pay only the deposit initially and wait for their aid to be disbursed before paying the full lodging amount. Costs will vary according to the type of housing, room, and meal plan assigned. 

Housing is located throughout Paris, and students are encouraged to be open-minded about the location to which they are assigned. Paris is relatively small compared to other European capitals and is very well connected by public transit! 


Poitiers housing options include youth residences and a limited number of homestays. 

  • Youth residences: The School in France has partnered with several public youth residences (part of a network called CROUS) in the historic downtown area, near older university buildings, a 15-minute bus ride from the main campus.   
  • Homestays: If a student wishes to stay with a host family, program staff will try to find one, but cannot guarantee this possibility.  

The Housing Process

The housing placement process, described below, begins after you confirm your intention to study abroad at the Middlebury School in France.  

  • First, you’ll receive a questionnaire to complete in order to provide School in France staff with information concerning your background and special needs. While filling out the questionnaire, you’ll want to check out the FAQs below, as well as the videos and testimonies located on the Study Abroad site, for more information about each housing type. Your questionnaire answers will be binding and you should not expect to change your preferences after arrival. 
  • Next, School in France staff will review your responses and communicate with you if more information is needed.  
  • School in France staff will email you a short description of your assigned housing a few weeks before the program start date. Students matched with host families will be given the contact information for their family; students placed in youth residences will receive information about a mandatory youth residence application process. 
  • After receiving your housing assignment, follow any instructions provided to complete the housing application and confirm your spot. 

Still have questions? Head over to our Handbook for more information or get in touch with us at You can also request a chat with a former student.