Can I get AP credit?

Yes. College credit is awarded for successful performance on the Advanced Placement Examinations in Spanish Language and/or Spanish Literature. In all cases the student must satisfactorily complete a course at the 0300 level before the credit will be awarded. AP credit does not affect course placement, nor does it count towards the major or minor. There is a maximum of one credit allowed for Spanish AP.

How do I know what level course I should take?

All students interested in studying Spanish must take the placement exam (except those who have never taken Spanish before and plan to enroll in SPAN 101 in the fall). There is no placement exam for Portuguese. Students with prior knowledge of Portuguese should consult with the Department Chair. Please click on Placement in the left menu for more information.

Do I have to take the placement exam if I took the AP or the IB exam?

Yes. All students who wish to study Spanish at Middlebury need to take the placement exam.

How do I declare a major or a minor?

For a major in Spanish you must first choose an adviser from among the faculty in the department. Then you need to fill out a Major/Adviser Declaration or Change Form. You do not need an advisor for a minor, but you need to fill out the Minor Declaration Form. These forms are available in the Resources section in the left menu of our page.

Can I write a thesis?

You can write an honors thesis for your Spanish major, but we currently do not offer a major in Portuguese. You can carry out an independent project in Portuguese, however. Please see our Thesis Guidelines in the Requirements section in the left menu of our page. Any further questions can be addressed to the chair of the department.

Can I get a tutor?

Yes. Tutors are available through the Center for Teaching, Learning & Research (CTLR) located in the Library. Contact CTLR or your professor for more details.

How can I become a tutor?

At the beginning of each semester we interview potential candidates and CTLR hires a few tutors each semester with our recommendations. If interested in becoming a tutor, please fill out the Tutor Form found in the Resources section in the left menu of our page.

Where should I study abroad?

This is a question we are often asked by students and the answer must come from you. Your choices are almost endless. Don't just think about the country; also think about what course of study you would like to follow and what extracurricular activities you would like to engage. Sometimes the possibility of doing a certain internship can influence a choice. We recommend you read your peers' evaluations that are available in the Study Abroad office. We have a link to their page in our right menu.

What can I do with a major in Spanish?

Anything you want. As a Spanish major you will graduate with linguistic proficiency and a thorough understanding of Hispanic culture, literature, and linguistics, as well as a deep understanding of cultural diversity. A Liberal Arts education develops critical thinking, excellent writing skills, and the ability to solve problems--the skills 90 percent of CEOs believe are essential and more important than specific work skills (Fortune, 1997). Our majors have gone on to work in education, business, law, medicine, government, nonprofit, theater, to name a few.

Where are the Spanish and Portuguese Houses?

Please see the Activities section in the left menu of our page.

What is a degree audit?

The first semester of your senior year you need to sit down with the chair of your major department and fill out a degree audit. This is an audit of the courses you have taken, are taking, and need to take in order to fulfill your major and graduation requirements. You can find this form in the Resources section in the left menu of our page.

The class I want to take is full. How can I get in?

We cap most of our language classes at 18. Some seminars and College Writing courses have a lower cap. We do not accept more than the maximum in any section as this would dramatically reduce the pedagogical benefits of a discussion based course. Our professors maintain a wait list for each section, so you should contact them before the course begins and stop by during the first meeting of the class.

Can I audit a course?

The choice to accept an individual to audit is entirely up to the individual professor. Our department policy is that we will try to accommodate and individual as long as they have the appropriate level and as long as there is space in the section.

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