Economics Placement Code

If you have IB or A-Levels, you will require a placement code so Banner can recognize that you have met the ECON 0150 and ECON 0155 prerequisites for the purpose of registration.

Is receiving a placement code in economics the same as receiving credit? No. The placement codes purpose is merely to aide with registration. Once the placement code is entered on the students record, there is no need to continually request prerequisite overrides. Please refer to the International Baccalaureate/A-Levels section of the economics department requirements to see how IB and A-Level credits are applied to the major requirements.

An economics placement code can also be entered for students who have transfer credits that meet both the intro macro (ECON 0150) and intro micro (ECON 0155) requirements, or students who have completed one intro course at Middlebury and transferred the other intro course credit.

  • Student with IB score of 6 or higher on the IB Higher Level economics or a grade of A on A-Level Economics that can be used to fulfill the intro (macro and/or micro) economics course. [Please Note: Students with a score of 6 or higher on the IB Higher Level economics or a grade of A on A-Level Economics receive course credit for one intro (macro or micro) economics course. The other credit must be made up with an additional elective.]
  • Student with IB Statistics, or a grade of B or better on A-Level Statistics, that can be used to fulfill the ECON 0111 (formerly ECON 0210) Economic Statistics prerequisite.
  • Student with transfer credit(s) from another university that can be used as an econ course equivalent for any of the following courses: ECON 0111, ECON 0150, ECON 0155.
  • Students with an AP score of 4 or 5 in macro and/or micro economics whose scores have not yet been transferred to their Middlebury record. Please Note: Students will receive one credit per AP score after the scores are officially submitted to the Registrar’s Office and according to the rules outlined on the economics department’s requirement page.

If you fit into one of the aforementioned categories, please complete the Economics Placement Code Request Form to see if you qualify for a placement code to help Banner recognize you have met both the ECON 0150 and ECON 0155 prerequisites for the purposes of registration.

Please note that approved ECON placement code requests will be made by the academic coordinator once each semester prior to each semester’s registration period. 

INCOMING FIRST YEARS please note that due to a change in your registration process, you should complete the form between December 1-11. 

Math Placement

The ECON department requires MATH 0121 (calculus 1) as a prerequisite for many of its courses.

The ECON department is developing a new placement procedure for students who do not have calculus one (or higher) credit on their transcript record. In the meantime, if you would like to get a sense of where you place, please review the Math Department’s Calculus and Linear Algebra Placement Chart  and if you feel you place out of calculus one by their standards please complete the Math Placement Intake Form linked here.