Economics Placement Code

If you have IB or A-Levels, you will require a placement code so Banner can recognize that you have met the ECON 0150 and ECON 0155 prerequisites for the purpose of registration.  Is receiving a placement code in economics the same as receiving credit? No. The placement codes purpose is merely to aide with registration. Once the placement code is entered on the students record, there is no need to continually request prerequisite overrides. Please refer to the International Baccalaureate/A-Levels section of the economics department requirements to see how IB and A-Level credits are applied to the major requirements.

An economics placement code can also be entered for students who have transfer credits that meet both the intro macro (ECON 0150) and intro micro (ECON 0155) requirements, or students who have completed one intro course at Middlebury and transferred the other intro course credit.

If you fit into one of the aforementioned categories, please complete the Economics Placement Code Request Form to see if you qualify for a placement code to help Banner recognize you have met both the ECON 0150 and ECON 0155 prerequisites for the purposes of registration.

Math Placement

The ECON department requires MATH 0121 (calculus 1) as a prerequisite for many of its courses. In the past, the department has programmed placement codes into course prerequisites that the MATH department had set up to recognize students who placed in MATH 0122 (Calculus 2) or higher.

The MATH department has recently changed their placement procedure. They are no longer doing placements for students who will begin at MATH 0122 (Calc 2) or higher level math courses. Instead they are requiring preapproval for students to enroll in MATH 0121. (Students who entered prior to Fall 2021 have been placed per these guidelines and should not be affected by the Math Departments recent change in placement procedure.)

However, students entering Fall 2021 and after will need to follow a new procedure.

The Math Department is giving students the ability to decide what math level they feel they are prepared to begin with. Please review their new Calculus and Linear Algebra Placement Chart to see where you could begin your math at Middlebury.

If you feel you should begin at the calculus 1 level (MATH 0121) you will need to be submit the Math Department’s MATH 0121 Calculus 1 Preapproval Request form on their Placement Information page and wait to hear from the math department chair to see if you are approved to begin with MATH 0121. Once you have either 1) completed MATH 0121 or 2) are enrolled in MATH0121 at Middlebury, VT campus when you are registering for the next semester’s courses, the registration system will recognize that you have met the MATH 0121 prerequisite for the purposes of registering.

If you feel you meet the Math departments guidelines to begin at calculus 2 (MATH 0122) level or higher, then the economics department accepts this placement as you meeting the calculus 1 prerequisite on ECON courses. You may register for a higher level math course if you wish, however, you are not required to for the purpose of meeting the calculus 1 prereq on ECON courses. However, you will need to complete a short Math Placement Intake Form so our department coordinator can enter a placement code for you that Banner will recognize as you meeting the MATH 0121 (calculus 1) requirement. Otherwise, you will receive an error message during registration saying that you do not meet the prerequisite and will be blocked from registering.