Numerous opportunities are available to you to get involved in the economics community on campus.

Student Advisory Council

The Economics Student Advisory Council (ECON-SAC), a group composed of Juniors and Seniors in the program, works in consultation with the faculty and staff in the department to provide feedback about the curriculum and provide resources for majors, minors, and prospective students in the department. When the Economics department is recruiting faculty, the SAC meets with candidates and makes an informal recommendation to the department. Additionally, when the Economics department is being externally reviewed, the SAC meets the external review committee to express student views and concerns. Typically, the SAC meets three times a year, but it can also meet as economics students wish.

More information regarding the responsibilities of the SAC can be found in the section A.4. Departmental Student Advisory Councils of the College Handbook.

Current Members:

James Donohue ‘24 FEB

Mariia Dzholos ‘24

Anjana Giridhar ‘23

Breanna Guo ‘25 FEB

Meredith Hespe ‘24 FEB

Tim Hua ‘24 FEB

Imran Ladha ‘23

Alexa Lane ‘24 FEB

Masataka Mori ‘23

Zhizhong (ZZ) Pu ‘24

Claire Shapiro ‘25 FEB

If you would like to contact the members of the Economics SAC, you may email them at


Rethinking Economics @ Midd

Rethinking Economics at Middlebury (RE@Midd) is a community of Middlebury students passionate about engaging in critical discussions about the field of economics. We prioritize diversity, new ideas, and open discussion. You can find upcoming events on Presence or email us at