The Economics Department has centralized the registration waitlist system for economics courses.

This will allow students to make just one combined request and allow us to fairly and efficiently prioritize needs so students can enroll in courses they need to progress through their major.

Note that any remaining open seats after Banner online registration has ended will be allocated by need and class standing. Since your position on the waitlist will not be a factor in determining who is allowed to add a course, please refrain from emailing instructors.

The spring 2022 waitlist is closed for processing.


  • The waitlist is a Qualtrics survey that can be accessed (when the link is activated) here.
  • Please fill out the waitlist survey just once for up to three course requests.
  • Please fill out the waitlist survey completely and accurately or you will not be placed on any waitlists.
  • Once the waitlists are compiled, I will sort the requests into separate waitlists for each section, review needs, and provide individual instructors waitlists in priority order beginning with senior seminars.
  • We understand that registration can be a stressful time, however, we ask that you refrain from emailing individual instructors or myself to check on your status. This is a very time-consuming process and additional, unnecessary emails will only bog things down.
  • Once instructors receive their waitlists, they will reach out to students with the highest priority depending on how many spaces they have available to offer a seat. If you receive such an email you should respond promptly or risk losing the spot.
  • Please be patient. We may not be able to get you into your first or second choices, however, we will make sure you get into courses that you need to meet your major requirements, especially for graduating seniors.