Le Chateau, at the center of campus, houses the French department.

Though located in Vermont, the Language Schools provide an immersive experience comparable to that of a semester abroad.

Since 1915, Middlebury Language Schools has been one of the nation’s preeminent language learning programs. Whether you’re a beginning language learner or working toward a master’s degree, our time-tested programs offer a range of options and opportunities.

The Betty Ashbury Jones MA ’86 School of French

The Betty Ashbury Jones MA ’86 School of French has 7-week (undergraduate) and 6-week (graduate) programs in the summer. It offers courses at all levels in language, literature, civilization, and pedagogy.

The French School is a full immersion program, governed by the Middlebury College Language Pledge®, and it offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities, including sports, music, and films.