The Center for Careers and Internships

The Center for Careers and Internships is the place to begin your search for information on winter or summer internships as well as job opportunities following graduation.

Career Guide for History Majors

A comprehensive guide that offers valuable suggestions for campus involvement, internships, and real-life career examples of successful alumni history majors who have excelled in their respective fields.

Midd2Midd Networking Platform

Connect with alumni and professionals worldwide through Midd2Midd, Middlebury’s exclusive networking platform designed to foster meaningful mentorships and industry connections. .

Career Community Pages

Navigate the various career paths associated with your major through CCI’s Career Communities Pages, offering valuable advice from our advisors and tailored recommendations for jobs, and internships. Find relevant events, workshops, job opportunities, and internships that align with your History major.


Stay updated on the latest job and internship opportunities with Handshake, ensuring you never miss a chance to gain practical experience in your chosen field.