In addition to the Bodleian Library system and the Keble College Library, student have access to the Feneley Library. This library is located on site in St. Michael’s Hall, and has a collection of about 17,000 volumes. The Feneley library contains the standard works and reference books required by undergraduates for the subjects taught at M-CMRS, as well as several specialized collections of value mainly to graduates and faculty.

The Charles Williams Collection

This collection of books, articles, biographies and photographs has been placed on loan at M-CMRS by the Charles Williams Society. Charles Williams (1886-1945) was a poet, novelist and theologian who spent his working life at the Oxford University Press from 1908 until his death. With his friends C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien, he was a founder member of the “Inklings,” a literary, philosophical and theological discussion group based in Oxford.

A library with books and computers