The Department of Arabic

The Department of Arabic at Middlebury offers students the opportunity to study Arabic from the beginning level to advanced levels of proficiency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing, and a strong command of the lexical and grammatical aspects of Arabic. In addition, the department regularly offers a distinctive array of courses on Arabic literature (both classical and modern), Arabic linguistics and sociolinguistics, Arab cinema, gender studies, issues of the environment in the Arab world, and other aspects of Arab culture.

In addition to taking Arabic during the academic year on the Vermont campus, our students also take advantage of three more Middlebury sites for Arabic study: The Middlebury Arabic School during the summer, the Middlebury School in Amman, Jordan, and the Middlebury School in Rabat, Morocco.

Many of the students interested in the Middle East and North Africa Studies track of International and Global Studies choose Arabic to satisfy the language requirement of the MES major.

At Middlebury we firmly believe in the bond between language and culture. Thus, we always strive to introduce students to the cultural aspects of the Arab world in our language classes, in co-curricular activities, in invited talks and other organized events, and in more depth in the content courses we offer in both English and Arabic.

Students who studied Arabic at Middlebury have gone on to be involved in a variety of careers where their knowledge of Arabic language and culture as well as the deep intellectual aspects and general learning skills acquired through the liberal arts curriculum have proven to be of great value. Examples of such careers include journalism, graduate studies, teaching, translation, and the non-profit sector, to name a few.

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Department of Arabic

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