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Neuroscience Thesis Timeline and Guidelines

NOTE:   If you're completing your thesis in Winter Term, please check with your adviser and coordinator for guidelines and due dates!

Overview and Key Due Dates:
Senior Year:


By the last day of classes

Submit the “Thesis Declaration Form” in your final semester of NSCI 0500 or 0700, prior to taking NSCI 0701



NSCI Program Director and your Coordinator will identify available dates for thesis presentations and discuss with students and advisers.


Scheduling of thesis presentations and practice talks.

Friday before Spring break

Schedule thesis defense with your committee  (Check with your advisor and follow the appropriate timeline)

Monday after Spring Break

Submit presentation title and photo or graphic, to Coordinator  

(Check with your adviser for due date)

Reserve a room for your thesis defense (see instructions for "Reserving a Room")

Usually the week before thesis presentationsThesis Practice Talks:  Given as a group. Coordinate with other thesis students and ask your advisor for additional information
Usually 11th or 12th Week of classes

Public Presentation of Thesis

At least one week prior to your defense

Submit your finished thesis to your committee

Usually last week of class or final exam week

Thesis Defense

By Friday of the 1st week of final exams.

Submit revised final version of thesis to each committee mnember for approval.

Noon on the last (working) day of exams

Submit the final thesis to the Neuroscience Coordinator, 
Turn in 3 copies (4 if your thesis adviser is in Psychology)
Email an electronic copy (in a single document) to your thesis adviser and Coordinator


In addition to the "NSCI Thesis Timeline & Guidelines" (see link at top of page), consult with your thesis adviser, and refer to the appropriate webpage for your adviser’s home department:






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