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Audition Monologues FAQ

1. Should I prepare a Shakespeare monologue? You may but you don’t have to.  If you think it showcases your ability to be real, present to another character, and engaged in a relationship – while handling the verse – go for it.  Otherwise, find a monologue from another author (contemporary even) with language that is somewhat heightened.  If you cannot do either, do what presents your acting abilities in the best light.


2. How long should my monologue be? 60-90 seconds.  Do not go beyond 2 minutes!!!  If you choose one of the longer suggested monologues, stop between before 2 minutes!  Bringing the story to completion is not important. 


3.  Will you be providing monologue options? Yes.  They are posted below.  You can scroll through the document and print only the page you want to use.  There are many monologues in each file.


4. Can I do a piece from a source other than a play?  Yes but those are more often than not less helpful as a vehicle for you to show your range in a short period of time.


5. Can I do a piece I wrote myself? Yes but your piece may not be the best option (see questions 1 through 4).

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