You will need a visa to study in Cameroon.

You will need to wait and apply not more than three months prior to the start of the program, and you will require an acceptance letter from Middlebury as well as an enrollment letter from UCAC (both will be sent to you) before you can apply.

Instructions are found on the Cameroonian Embassy’s website:

The on-line application form itself is fairly self-explanatory, except it bears mentioning that when you are asked for your mother’s name in foreign contexts, they want her maiden (not married) name.  Also, your profession is “student”; employer is your school.  Please pay attention to the specified date format.

You’ll need a reference in Cameroon, for which you should use our director:

Christiane Magnido

National ID #20190321048020554

And the only address you should reference is that of the university:

Universite Catholique de l’Afrique Centrale

Campus de Nkol-Bisson

Faculte de Sciences Sociales et de Gestion

PO BOX, 11 628

Yaoundé, Cameroon

tel. +(237) 22 33 74 00

For proof of finances, I’d recommend one of the following:

             -Student’s own personal bank account statements (past three months) showing at least $700 per month of stay.

             -Letter from the financial aid office showing aid or scholarship for at least $700 per month for room and board—needs to be on letterhead, say the funds are for use in Cameroon, and bear an original signature. This letter must also be notarized.

             -Notarized letter from the parent or legal guardian assuming full financial responsibility for at least $700 per month for room and board. In addition, a copy of the past three months of their bank statements.

I [name of parent or guardian] hereby take responsibility for air tickets between the United States and Cameoron and for all monthly accommodation and living expenses of my son/daughter [full name of the child] during their stay in Cameroon, as well as any emergency that may arise during it.

If you haven’t yet gotten the yellow fever vaccine, plan to get that at a travel clinic or check with your doctor. That appointment will be a good time for your health care provider to advise you about malarial prophylaxis as well. You can get them in Cameroon, but they’re less expensive in the US. Even though the consulate requires only a copy of the yellow WHO card that lists your vaccines, you must take the original yellow WHO card with you (keep it in your passport) and present it upon entrance to Cameroon.

You’ll follow the directions at the above link to create an account, complete the on-line application, pay your fee, and upload your documents. They they’ll send you a QR code, which you’ll need to show, along with your original application materials that you uploaded to their application portal, to obtain your visa sticker. If you live in DC, you must go to the Embassy to do this; if you do not live in DC, you may go to the Embassy, or you may wait and get the visa sticker at the airport upon entry to Cameroon (the majority of you will do this).