Karima Borni

Scholar in Residence in Dance

 Mahaney Center for the Arts 205



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DANC 0284 / GSFS 0284 - Modern Dance History in U.S.      

Modern Dance History in the United States: Early Influences to Postmodern Transformations
In this seminar we will focus on the emergence and development of 20th century American concert dance--especially modern and postmodern dance forms--from the confluence of European folk and court dance, African and Caribbean influences, and other American cultural dynamics. We will look at ways in which dance reflects, responds to, and creates its cultural milieu, with special attention to issues of gender, race/ethnicity, and class. Readings, video, and live performance illuminate the artistic products and processes of choreographers whose works mark particular periods or turning points in this unfolding story. Our study is intended to support informed critical articulations and an understanding of the complexity of dance as art. 3 hrs. lect./2 hrs. screen. AMR ART HIS NOR

Fall 2017

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DANC 0286 / SOAN 0286 - Global Contemporary Dance      

Global Contemporary Dance
In this seminar we will ask what dancing “locally” signifies in a global world and what coheres – across multiple dance practices, performances and intercultural collaborations – in the category of “contemporary dance.” Through ethnographic research and expository and embodied activities we will explore dance as a complex site of cultural negotiation and contestation, challenging binaries between Western and non-Western movement traditions. With a focus on Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East, we will trace how dance flows transnationally across varied political economies; contributes to the formation of ethnic, racial, gendered, national and (post) colonial identities; and complicates notions of cultural “authenticity.” (No previous dance experience required)
3 hrs. lect/disc. AAL ART CMP SOC

Spring 2018

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DANC 0470 - Technique Workshop      

Technique Workshop
This advanced physical and theoretical study of a variety of movement techniques will further prepare dance majors and minors for the rigors of performance, technical craft, and physical research. Exercises and discussions will revolve around increased subtlety, strength, flexibility, musicality, and dynamics with the goal of heightening the communicative range of the moving body. Rotating movement aesthetics taught by dance faculty. (Approval required) ART PE

Spring 2018

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